Get Apple Music Student Membership as Apple slashes Price half for Students

There are heaps of streaming music services out now and it usually isn’t simply the amount and quality of the rear catalogue that dictates that we have a tendency to subscribe to them.

Apple Music is rolling out membership that will slash prices for students in the EU. This refers to Students enrolled in qualifying universities or colleges can join Apple Music at a discounted monthly rate. To get started go here.

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Apple Music Student Membership

I recently discovered that in the EU (European Union) university graduates can pay a £12 Associate in a Nursingnual subscription to urge an NUS further card, which then entitles you to traditional student discounts in a form of places. One company that has utilised such a theme is Spotify, where the premium service will be signed to for £4.99 per month. Now Apple has declared a similar deal for college students, offering 0.5 value subscription.

That takes the prices right down to £4.99 a month and provides a similar service to Spotify, but there’s a difference: Apple uses a completely different system, not based on the NUS card, and instead checks that you’re an existing student. That means that the NUS further card isn’t applicable thus graduates cannot profit of the supply. Apple Music hasn’t had the best of starts, with criticisms about its style prompting rumours of a recent re-launch next month. Nonetheless, it already has a sizeable market share with 13 million subscribers, up from 11 million simply 3 months gone. Issues of the NUS card aside, would the students now be tempted to sign up for the Apple service over its rivals?

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