New Cheapest MTN Data Plans Starting at #100 for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and PC


Africa's biggest Telecommunication network, MTN had recently released a new good list of latest Data bundles for their subscribers. This looks like a response towards other competitor networks especially the likes of Etisalat, Airtel, and Glo Always Micro that released some cheap data bundles  earlier this 2016.

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This is not an info that we want to keep you waiting to receive, these MTN data plans work on all your devices, i.e Android, iPhones, BlackBerry 10 phones and your PC.

Starting at 100 Naira for as much as 30MB, below are the latest and cheapest data plans on MTN with their activation USSD short codes:

It follows the pattern below:

30MB 100 24HRS 104 *131*104#

100MB 200 24HRS 113 *131*113#

750MB 500 7 Days 103 *131*103#

1.5GB 1000 30 Days 106 *131*106#

3.5GB 2000 30 Days 110 *131*110#

10GB 5,000 30 Days 116 *131*116#

22GB 10,000 30 Days 117 *131*117#

50GB 20,000 90 Days 118 *131*118#

85GB 50,000 90 Days 133 *131*133#

Most subscribers feel this new plans are fair enough than the previous ones, but we rather hope the plans are here to stay.


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  1. thanks for the info sir, i will try the 750mb now to see how real. thanks

  2. Thanks for this wonderful post lemme give a try on one
    Nice blog


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