Top 10 of the Best Legal & Law Apps for Android

When you visit the Google PlayStore for Law and legal Apps, you will surely find a wide variety of of them. There are also the very good apps for lawyers and students out there, the best ones you can use for your legal research, case management, trial preparation and billing, whether you’re a professional or student in the faculty of law.
Best Legal & Law Apps for Android
Although PlayStore has a very good number of these Legal and Law Apps, we had to take some time to dig out some of the best you can try out.

Note however, some are free and others are paid or offer in-app purchases.

Sometimes, Google PlayStore just repackages freely available content such as codes and statutes and we tried to put them in the list probably because they somehow provide some sort of added value, like the ability to annotate.

Below are top 10 of the Best Android Applications for Lawyers, Law Faculty and Law Students you can try out:

Free, but requires an AgileLaw account. Install this app on your iPad, hand the iPad to the deponent, and navigate through the deposition without ever using a printed exhibit again.

Bloomberg Law
Free, but requires current paid Bloomberg subscription Follow news, litigation, and market information related to clients and prospects. Receive alerts for legal and news searches. Ability to share documents via email.

Free, but requires a subscription to CaseSync Pro desktop. Mobile version of case management software. Features calendar management, matter creation, and ability to search matters

Dike Trial 
Costs about $1.99. Much like a Calendar app designed for lawyers. Links case files to calendar pages. Search by case number, client name, or date. Ability export and import data.

Free, but offers in-app purchases.
Free version contains Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Evidence, Appellate Procedure, Criminal Procedure, Bankruptcy Procedure, U.S. Constitution. Option to purchase state codes, U.S. Code, U.S. Supreme Court opinions, CFR, Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, 2010 & 2011 Federal Register. Ability to search by keyword, bookmark, and share content. DroidLaw also has several add-on programs available in the app store.

Lawyer ON GO
$19.99. A kind of a Case management app. Allows addition and updating of clients and events. Ability to add attachments to client records. Supports dictation and speech to text. Export and import via CSV files.

Time Master + Billing
$9.99, Time tracking software allows for multiple running timers. Time entries by client with subcategories of projects and tasks. Set billing rates, use time rounding, track expenses, and create reports. Optional modules for invoicing, Quickbooks exports, and wireless sync.

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Free, but requires paid TrialWorks Case Management Software     Provides access to notes, docket, contacts, and documents that are stored in TrialWorks Case Management Software. Ability to review matter chronology and court dates and add new matters.

Legal Newsance
Free, Covers current legal news, CLE program information, legal resources, forms, and employment opportunities.

Fed Courts
Costing about $2.99
Full text of federal rules of procedure and local rules for each federal court. Access to PACER and addresses of all federal courts.

That’s that about Legal and Law apps for Lawyers or every other person interested in them. Good news here is some of these Legal Apps are also available on iOS, all you’ve to do is go to iTunes Store, search using their names and install.

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