Meet Google Phones: Pixel & Pixel XL | Price, Videos, Release Date and More

Month of October is near and Google is set to launch its own manufactured replacements of Nexus mobile smartphone into the market known as the new PIXEL phones. It will arrive in 2 variants, Google Pixel and Pixel XL. The release date for both of the devices had been scheduled for October 4th, 2016.
Although, phone case makers had already produced and started selling out cases for the new Pixel phones that replaces the Nexus phones starting this year onwards - on several e-commerce websites including Amazon, and in the process ended up revealing the designs of both the devices.

Pixel and Pixel XL Design

There are confirmed talks that both variants resembles the iPhone 6 and the HTC One A9 as it housed in aluminium bodies and sporting unduly rounded edges although the edges look very premium and different from many other devices.
 Users are sure to have mixed views about the body design, with its iPhone 6 look, but other people would still not fee anything exciting about it. The pure-Android Google phone "Pixel" is said to come with thick bezels that no phones released in 2016 had featured before. More exclusive stuff on the Google's phone like the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P, the impending smartphones will come with rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.
Overall, the Pixel and Pixel XL seem to sport same design, their body sizes are only thing that varies.

Google Pixel And Pixel XL Release Date

The much anticipated Google's Android phones, the Pixel and Pixel XL will be announced on October 4th, 2016 at an event in San Francisco.

Google Pixel And Pixel XL Price

We are yet to confirm the cost of Pixel branded smartphone but is likely to hit the store shelves with a slightly higher pricing.
Google announced its flagship Nexus 6P last year at a starting price of $499, and if rumors proved to be true, the price could be quite higher this time for Pixel and Pixel XL.

Google Pixel And Pixel XL Specifications Appear on Geekbench; Benchmark unveiled

The Pixel and Pixel XL (previously dubbed as Nexus Sailfish and Marlin) had appeared couple of times on several blogs that unleashed its benchmark.
According to Rolan Quandt on Twitter (@rquandt). He discovered the benchmark listing revealing that the Pixel XL variant will run on Android 7.1 Nougat and will be powered by an octa-core processor from Qualcomm clocked at 1.59GHz.
The Pixel XL scored 4176 points in the multi-core test and 1561 points in the single-core test.

Google Pixel And Pixel XL Video review

Pixel (sometimes called Nexus) had shown up on YouTube by TechRadar:
Watch below.

Nexus/Pixel/Pixel XL: Everything we know right now.


One Punch Man Mobile Game Will Be Available Soon!

Second installment of "One Punch Man" is set to make a comeback in the year 2017 to make a Season 2 of the Japanese anime series. Meanwhile the producers alongside revealed that the mobile game of One Punch Man will be available.

According to our sources and rumors, the launching of the new One Punch Man mobile game transpired during the One Punch Man Fall Festival after it showed up at Twitter on September 25th, 2016 with release date of the Season 2 of the Anime series.

The staff announced the well-loved Japanese hit anime series will have a game adaptation through a mobile app slated to be released next year according to Anime News Network.
Mobile platforms which may include iOS and Android version of the "One Punch Man Mobile Game"


The first season of the Japanese hit anime One Punch Man has released last July 2015 and ended last December 2015 leaving fans with too much excitement for the next season. Previous speculations revealed that "One Punch Man" Season 2 will air in October or November 2016 but a reported delay was communicated to the fans saying that the Season 2 released date was cancelled and pushed through 2017, they were likely also referring to the game, however, both the season 2 and game should be expected to be released few months from now.


XOS Chameleon - 5 Facts to know about the New Infinix Customized User Interface

Infinix Mobility had recently launched the latest version of it’s customized user interface known as ‘XOS Chameleon’ with the launch of Infinix HOT S & HOT 4 in August, the new user interface comes with the latest Infinix smartphone Infinix Note 3. The XOS UI is unique with all its amazing features to enable Infinix smartphone users to optimize their smartphone usage.
What are the things or facts you should know about the new XOS? Many users are yet to find out. How unique is the XOS and what makes it different from its predecessor XUI?


5 Things / Facts you should know about the New Infinix Customized User Interface - XOS Chameleon

1.Security: The XOS chameleon UI helps to make your phone more secure with multiple unique security measures. They include the privacy protection feature, which limits the access to your smartphone with unrecognized SIM cards. The XOS also comes with Xhide and Freezer feature, which helps you to hide your sensitive applications from preying eyes. The XOS also offers another security feature with the ‘Xmanager’ to lock apps on your infinix smartphone.

2. Speed: The XOS comes with improved lightning and blazing speed that makes navigating through several icons on your phone swift and clear. It also gives room for fast and efficient use of multitasking through your smartphone.

3. Fingerprint scanner:
The XOS supports fingerprint scanner with the Fingerprint manager on the UI, this feature allows users to set up fingerprint to protect their phone or swipe through pictures and also take selfies with their smartphones.

4. Stylish and efficient:
XOS has an effective and efficient means of enhancing and maximizing storage space, battery and data. Users can enjoy the most stylish UI with the Xthemes & Magazine lock feature that allows users to swap phone wallpaper and motivational messages every time they unlock their phone. The Xthemes also comes with the Shuffle app that allows users to change the wallpaper anytime they click on the ‘Shuffle app’.


5. Screenshotting with Three (3) fingers: The XOS comes with the 3 fingers feature, with this feature, you can make a screenshot by simply swiping 3 fingers across your screen. You no longer have to go through the volume and power button process anymore.

Users can save links, videos, pictures and posts to view later. The UI also comes with other useful features such as Xshare, Xcloud, Xclub, Ultra power & battery saver and more. The Infinix XOS promises to be safe, elegant and superb.

XOS is available on Infinix Note 3, HOT 4, HOT S, Zero 3 and Note 2. Each model's Software Update links are available on Infinix Xclub.

Do you prefer the new Infinix XOS to the former XUI? Let us know your thoughts below.


Infinix Note 3 vs Note 2 - Comparison & Specs Sheet

Today we will do a comparison review, that will focus at the specifications and features of the Infinix NOTE 3 versus NOTE 2; or Note 2 VS Note 3, which ever you want to put it.

We won't deny that Note 2 was a great smartphone with its on setbacks, (check out the review here ) but the Note 3 is causing waves already, there are smartphones that you just can't wait to see what they would bring next after a predecessor, most of us are expecting impressive changes but did Note 3 really accomplish that?
We will decide after having a look at the similarities and differences between these two phablets.

Similarities and Differences with Key features of Infinix NOTE 2 and NOTE 3


 Infinix NOTE 2

Infinix NOTE 3

Camera  13MP back cam, + 2MP front  13MP back + 5MP front
Memory 16 GB ROM + 2GB RAM  2GB RAM + 16GB
Battery 4000mah + support OTG  4500mAh + support OTG
Processor Mediatek Octa-core 1.3GHz MT6753  Mediatek Octa-core
1.3GHz MT6753
Screen size   6.0" HD, 720 x 1280 px  6.0" HD, 1080 x 1920 px
OS  Android 5.1 Lollipop  Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Sound Smart voice Dual mic cancelling noise for clear conversation , anti sound break, RNS technology
Colors Red, champagne, green & black Black, red, champagne gold
Voice Smart voice Camera voice command
 Network  4G LTE, 3G  4G LTE, 3G
Finger print scanner   No  Yes

The memory of Note 3 is quite a turn off, it's still the same as that of Note 2, potential users may have been expecting something with a 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM or more but we didn't see that.
Perhaps the Infinix Team will consider that in another series of their coming models.

The design of both of the phablets still look alike, the tiny change was done on the back of the Note 3, and we think that of the Note 3 looks much better and cooler to hold.

The display on the Note 3 as seen in the specs will definitely have a more crisp display, Note 3 supports 4K videos.

Note 3 definitely wins at this, unlike XUI on Note 2, XOS is really slicker with more design qualities and functionalities for users and it comes with a much updated Android version, Marshmallow.

The rear cameras of both of the devices are the same, although we do not have proof of testing them, the front cameras 2MP for Note 2 is not as good as that of Note 3 because the Note 3 has 5MP front cam, and will definitely be optimised for better performance.

Do you think Note 3 is worth using over Note 2? You may tell us anything you think about these devices below.


Shout out to
fredmwaurak Of bbs Infinixmobility Forum for this tut.
For those of you who were having bootloop problems, the issue has been resolved. You can now download the ROM with guarantee of success!!!

After very many, many hours trying to perfect this ROM and clean out all bugs, I am proud to present to you MIUI 7 [5.9.17 – latest] for the Infinix X507. This particular one, has not been easy but I finally made it.

FOR MORE SCREENSHOTS: visit This imgur - MIUI 7 For Infinix Hot Screenshots

MIUI is still on Android KitKat OS so this is for those of you yet to upgrade to the lollipop firmware or you just love MIUI so much, like I do, enough to want to go back to KitKat for it.

I will present you with download link for the ROM. The download is a RAR file which in it, contains the ROM in zip form, the recovery you will be using, [PhilZ Recovery] [You can flash the recovery using either MTK Mobile Uncle Tools or SP Flash Tool, whichever you prefer] and a folder containing Next Launcher and the theme I am using just in case any of you want to use my exact theme. Both my Next Launcher and theme are Premium already paid for apps so you need not worry about ads and the likes.

I repeat, the ROM is bug free but if you encounter any bug, please let me know and I will work at fixing it ASAP.

1. Both SIM Cards working and both have 3G

2. Camera in perfect condition.

3. Battery life optimum.

4. No lags whatsoever.

5. Fully deodexed.

6. RAM usage low.

7. Playstore working [plus it comes with MIUI’s App Store]

8. SIM Toolkit working for both SIMs

How To Install

- Download the ROM from the following link MIUI_v7_5.9.17_Infinix_X507

1. Make a backup of your contacts to a vCard and have it somewhere external like your sdcard or pc.

You will import the vCard after you are done. You can use this app Contacts VCF.

2. Copy the downloaded files to your sdcard

3. Flash the recovery provided with the file. [You might get errors if you try to flash it with CWM or TWRP]

4. Boot into your recovery

5. Go to Backup and Restore and hit Backup to /sdcard

6. Go back and into Wipe and Format Options, scroll down to Clean to Install a New ROM and select that

7. When it’s done, select Install Zip and then choose zip and you can flash the zip you placed in your sdcard.

8. After it’s done and tells you script was successful, go back and go into Wipe and Format Options again but this time, select Wipe Cache

After that's done, select Wipe Dalvik/ART Cache

9. Reboot your Infinix HOT.

CONGRATULATIONS: You are now running the latest MIUI on your INFINIX HOT!


Before using MIUI, here are a couple of things you should know about it.

1. Before installing any apps, first of all go to Settings > Additional settings >Privacy > Device administration > Unknown sources and select allow.

2. MIUI already comes pre-rooted so no need to worry about rooting it. When you install an app that requires root access, find the app called Security, open it and you will find Permissions, go in it and there will be three options
a. Autostart –This is where you will select apps you want to autostart with the device, likethe launcher and the theme etc

b. Permissions– You can see what apps have what permissions and revoke them if necessary.

c. Root access– This is where you will come to grant your apps root access. If you open anapp that requires root access, just come here and grant it

NOTE: This is a ported ROM hence is unofficial. If you ever get a notification for an update, DON'T USE THE OTA update. It will get you Redmi Note 3G’s ROM [which is the base ROM of this port] and that will brick your phone if you do.

Again, if you encounter any problems or have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.


How to Enable or disable Google Chrome Material Design on Windows PC

Some people might feel a need to want to change back to former design on their Chrome by disabling the recent Chrome's Material design, this post is here to show us how to go about it.
If you use Google Chrome as your major browser, you must have received an update and become aware that there's now a NEW design on the browser known as Google's MATERIAL DESIGN.

The latest version of Chrome is CHROME 53, and it's basically appearing uniquely different based on Material design from and by Google.


But, What is Material Design, on Google Chrome?

For Chrome browser, Material design means Chrome 53’s user interface is flat, and some icons have changed. For some time now, several companies, Microsoft most notably, had brought a complete visual refresh to normal classic Chrome layout via their MicroSoft Edge browser if you look very very well.
Material design on CHROME includes changes like introduction of a Dark Incognito theme, sharp edges of tabs, hamburger menu changes to 3 dots, redesigned pages for Downloads & Extensions, etc. It offers a mouse optimized layout – and the Hybrid layout offers a more spaced-out experience suitable for touch devices. The changes may not be obvious to the eye, but rest assured, they are there.

But fact remains that not everybody may like this, you and some other people may already be used to the previous look of your Chrome, use the steps below:

How to Enable or disable Google Chrome Material Design on Windows PC

To change or revert back to your original design on Chrome 53, in your address Bar type chrome://flags into the address bar.

2. After that, Press Ctrl+F, type “Material Design”, the press Enter.
3. Now, you will see a setting Material Design in the browser’s top chrome. Change it from Default to Non-Material, restart the web browser and everything should be back to normal. There’s also an option that says Material Hybrid – it is meant for touch-enabled layout.

For those who love the Material design already, perhaps you'd prefer to see it throughout the entire web browser, not just some aspects of the user interface. You can achieve that.

Still on same settings:

Below the option in YELLOW, “Material Design in the browser’s top chrome”, there’s another option known as “Material Design in the rest of the browser’s native UI”. Click Enable and it should extend the –top-chrome-md setting to secondary user interface.

More flexible features can also be likely unlocked when you go to the  chrome://flags Settings. Note however, that tampering with that it may cause issues with your Chrome browser.


Infinix HOT 4 (X557) - Unboxing Photos and First Impressions

Infinix Hot 4 as we said few weeks back had been launched into the market, around last week we got a review unit to show to you guys, so we all can see what the device is made of. Like we had said in our previous post, we need have to ring a bell that overtime INFINIX HOT series had done remarkable improvements, I can't say much about Hot 3 but Hot 4 is definitely worth it.

Before we show you the photos of the device, let's have a quick look at the specifications of the smartphone.


Infinix Hot 4 - Quick Specs

  • Model : Hot 4, Infinix X557
  • Display: 5.5inch (720 x 1280 px HD display)
  • RAM: 2GB RAM
  • Camera: 8MP rear, 5MP front camera
  • Internal Memory: 16GB ROM, support for upto 32GB micro SD
  • CPU: MT6580 (1.3GHz - Quad Core)
  • OS: XOS (Based on Android 6 Marshmallow)
  • Battery: 4,000mAh
  • SIM: Dual SIM micro
  • Extras: Finger-print ID, 
  • Connection: WiFi, HotSpot, Bluetooth 4.0

Here are the Unboxing Photos of the Infinix Hot 4 smartphone:

Hot 4 arrived with a differently shaped pack, a rectangular one to be precise, and came with same usual items and accessories:
  • The phone
  • 1x charger head
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x pair of earphones
  • User manual
As seen below:

The 5.5 inched display device looked pretty neat, although the weight of Hot 4 is NOT so light nor flat, but it was pretty nice to hold. At the top right, there is the 5MP camera, and a tiny red light indicator that I had seen to display only when the battery was low.

The Infinix HOT 4 is clearly the first in the Hot series to feature a finger print scanner, although that feature had first appeared in the Infinix Hot S. Infinix Hot 4 also features a nice 8MP camera right above the scanner with an LED flash at the left.

The back of the black colored model feels very strong and tough too, with a design pattern similar to the first Infinix Hot X507 that debuted 2 years ago.

The right side of the Infinix Hot 4 carries functional buttons, the Volume Up + down keys and the power button. No buttons at the left side.

At the top, you'll find the ear-piece jack, and underneath, you see the charging/USB transfer port.
At the back, after removing the cover, you'll see the device's Dual SIM and Memory card slots, the quality sounding speakers found beneath and featured 4000mAH Non-removable battery.
The battery had been doing great so far.

That's all for now, for those interested in knowing more details about the Hot 4, the device had shown us some really cool things like its 8MP camera abilities (which we are still testing), this is considered as the pros, and of course, it has its cons too, we will come back this week with a full review of the device.