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Just about 5 months ago, we leaked rumors about Shadow Fight 3 coming to both Android and Windows PC. We saw game previews of the SF3 for Windows 10 PC on Youtube, so many fans of the game had been anticipating, and not just fans but a very huge number which includes some of the 160 million users across the world.
Shadow Fight 3 will be available for Download on Windows 10 and up, the game is the sequel of the legendary Shadow Fight series, which gained an millions of audience on mobile which consisted of Android, iOS and Facebook before eventually showing up on Windows PC.


Shadow Fight 3 for Windows, Android & iOS will include features such as:
  • Three Playable Factions: Choose from either the brutal Legion, stealthy Dynasty, or deadly Heralds, each with their own unique history and fighting style.
  • Hundreds of Collectables: Complete quests and purchase booster packs to collect legendary weapons, armor, and perks.
  • Limitless Quests: Embark on the epic main story-line or explore the world of Shadow Fight 3 through daily missions, online battles, and dynamically generated quests.
  • Complete Customization: Combine weapons, skills and shadow form techniques and master your own deadly fighting style.
  • Shadow Fighting Mode: Shadows haven’t totally disappeared from the game: a special “Shadow Fighting Mode” brings them back as guest characters.
Shadow Fighting Mode

Shadow Fight 3 (SF3) - Free Download on Ocean of Games

For those looking for where to Download Shadow Fight 3 (SF3) for Windows 10 PC, it will be available for free downloads at Ocean of games website. But we will post Download links for you here soon.
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Shadow Fight 3 (SF3) Windows 10 Gameplay (Video)

Here is an Official Teaser of the game-play on Youtube:

Download the Full Files - Shadow Fight 3 (SF3) Windows 10

Some people said the Game will Not come for free, others said there will be Paid Access, however we are sure it will be up for downloads first, so we will post an Installation guide for the SF3 (Coming soon).
There are rumors the download links will be available by December, be sure to stay in touch with us (Like Us on Facebook & as we said earlier, Subscribe to Our Newsletter to receive the Updates) for the game links on your PC.


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