2018 MTN Double Data Trick - How to Easily Get 100% Bonus on your Data Subscriptions

The MTN 100% data bonus is back in 2018 and we'll show you how to activate or subscribe to it. It's really some simple step or trick that will easily get you MTN double data for the normal price. No much technical effort is required, no tweaking of Android IMEI like the method we used in this post some months ago, it worked back then but somehow MTN network found out a lot of people embezzled it which led to a block.

Today, we had come up with this latest brand new method which worked as at December 2017 into the new year 2018.

Below was how I doubled my MTN subscription Data for 2018

2018 MTN Double data

Go to SMS on your phone, Send the following words to 131:
  • Double
  • Promo
  • Free

These should be sent separately. What this means is, send Double first, thereafter send Promo, then send Free.

Upon sending DOUBLE, you should receive a response stating your request has been received and is being processed. You may also receive a message stating the SMS instruction you entered is incorrect.

That shouldn’t bother you. Go ahead and send the other words to same 131.

After sending FREE to 131, you should receive a message stating ‘Dear Customer, Enjoy data offers on MTN Deal zone, dial *131*1#


Samsung Galaxy S8+ Tweaks, Themes, Apps and Mods

Looking for the best Samsung Galaxy S8 Mods and tweaks? Here you will also find the best Themes, Apps. Some of them are mods not needing root access on your precious Galaxy S8.
We went to XDA developers forum to fetch you the top best mods and tweaks you can use in your Galaxy S8 and S8+.
These RRO mods were made by a tytydraco of XDA forum. Some of them are more useful in everyday life than others, and some are primarily experimental for theming. They are all safe and have not caused a SystemUI crash.

XDA forum Samsung Galaxy S8+ Mods, Tweaks


Substratum will be the new main priority with mods, as it allows us to do more edits!
This apk contains all the individual tweaks, which can all be installed and updated via the app!

Substratum Download via PlayStore:
Substratum Samsung Required Addon via PlayStore:
Here is the apk for the System Mods overlay pack:


Always On Display Tweaks

Hide Battery (icon and percent):
Hide Notification Icons:
Hide Date:
Double Tap To Wake Anywhere:
For DT2W, you must enable the home button in your AOD settings. Another thing is that this disables the home button icon. It is a side effect of the tweak, so it's manually hidden entirely.

UI Tweaks

Carrier Hider:
Disable Nav Bar:
Disable Status Bar:
Remove Unlock Text:
Remove Status Bar Clock:
Remove Status Bar Battery Icon (not percent):
Better Default Nav Colors:
Half Nav:
Material Navigation (best with Half Nav):
Bigger InCallUI Photo by RequeLine:


Precise Animation Scales:
Once installed, it modifies your window animation scales in Developer Settings. It only supports English and a few others. Still working on it. If you get a dev menu FC, just delete the apk, set your animation scales to off, and reinstall it. It won't have all the options but it'll still work (IE: 0x, 0.1x, 0.2x, etc..) even though the corresponding text is wrong.

Status Bar
NOTE: Please see this post before using:

Culled from -

More are coming! Please leave suggestions for more mods you want so I can try and make them. I've been getting lots of positive feedback.
Also, Tigerhoods, Pimpmaneaton, Venom, and Crayonyes have been helping me a bit, so big thanks to them.