Google Assistant Screen Search not working? Here’s a fix

Here’s A Quick Fix to Google Assistant Screen Search not working – Google Assistant has many uses related to searching for and finding out information, one of which is to find things on the internet related to what is currently displayed on your phone screen. This feature, called Google Assistant Screen Search, was first introduced as Now on Tap in the days of Google Now. The feature hasn’t been working properly of recent, with many users (including me) getting a Nothing found on screen result. In this article, I’ll show you how to use the Google Assistant Screen Search despite this bug using a workaround.

To use the Google Assistant Screen Search feature, you have to start Google Assistant (by long-pressing your phone’s home button or manually launching the application) and tapping the What’s on my screen? button. However, when I tap the button immediately after launching Google Assistant, I get the following result:

This is not a one-time glitch. It happens over and over again and is probably a bug in the latest update to the Assistant app. There’s currently no fix for it, but there’s a workaround, and it’s not by clearing the cache and data for your Google app, uninstalling and reinstalling the Assistant application, or installing the beta version of the app. It takes a simple thing: patience.

When you launch Assistant, wait for around 3 seconds before tapping the What’s on my screen button. If this doesn’t work for you, wait until the four dots at the bottom of the screen turn into a microphone before tapping the phone, and the feature should work properly.

We hope Google will fix this soon in an update to the Assistant application. Till then, you’re welcome.

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