EaseUS Review - Best Free Data Recovery software for Windows PC

Have you lost your files due to system crash? Or by random mistake you deleted files from your PC and you want to get or recover it back into your system? Perhaps you need to know how do I recover lost files in Windows 10, 8, or Windows 7.

Here is a great recommendation, among the many names and types available online, this is among the best recovery software you can use to get back your lost data/files for free. It works flawlessly on Windows PC with the press of one or two buttons, everything else in the software automates and fetches your lost data/files back for you.

Apart from being a Data Recovery software that works for free. EaseUS supports lots of useful and powerful features that you would surely need.


Below some few awesome things this software can do for you:

Recycle Bin Empty Data Recovery

You can filter scanning results by file type and selectively recover filed deleted after emptying the recycle bin.

Accidentally Deleted Files Recovery
Quickly recover data from unexpected lost caused by accidentally deletion or affected by virus attack.

RAW Partition Recovery

If your hard disk or partition suddenly becomes RAW and you cannot get to the stored data, download the best free data recovery software to regain access.

Virus Attack Recovery

Virus attacks are annoying and can make your computer not work normally. This tool can recover your data safely and quickly etc

STEPS TO RECOVER DELETED/CORRUPT FILES Successfully in Windows 10, Windows 8 and 7

Using EaseUS free recovery software, simply launch the software and pick the folder in your PC where the file or data is located or was found before it was lost.
The software does the rest of the job for you.

Recovering your data after scanning is complete is quite easy.

Once any files or data are recovered, they are displayed in a single file tree. Then click on the “Export” button to save the scanned files and complete the recovery process.

You can also preview the data you are about to recover before doing a full recovery. During the file preview, you can check the boxes next to each of the files to select the file you would like to recover and the ones you would like to leave out. The last step is selecting the location you would like to save your recovered files.

We've been using this free data
 recovery software for a few days now, I can surely tell you that it's been a lifesaver as I had been able to recover important files that are valuable to me.


4 Things to look for in a Vinyl wrap company

How do you find a great vinyl company for cars, covers, cases etc?

What Makes a Good Vehicle Wrapping Company

When it comes to purchasing a wrap, people are very selective and choosey on what to pick. This is because there are so many options on the market to choose from and at times it can be tricky and confusing.

However, this is not the main problem as the challenge and the confusion that arises on which company is best at this business and why that is. The company you choose to represent you and be your brand and the main supplier of your vinyl wrap must have certain qualities that will be outlined to help guide you in choosing which the best is.

There are so many frauds in the market with counterfeits to take advantage of people by offering sub-standard quality goods. It is for this reason that you need to be careful of the company and even go a step further as to doing a background check to verify its authenticity. Below are some of the things to look for in a vinyl wrap company:

  1. The quality
    This is an important aspect to look at and verify before you make a purchase. It is true that cheap can be expensive, but you should ensure that you get what your money is worth. This is in terms of quality. You should look for a company that has a high-quality product. You can get this information from online reviews made by previous customers. You can also go a step further as contacting the previous customer to check on the quality of the product. Quality is what you need, don’t just buy, you should verify it first.

  1. The varieties available - 
    When you are choosing a company that will handle your vinyl wrap product, it is important to have a wide variety to choose from. This is because, with the mixture of choices, you will be able to choose one that suits you. This could not have been the case if you were limited to a number of choices. Variety makes it more fun to even alternate. It is best advised that you even look for a company that makes custom made vinyl wraps to explore your creativity and uniqueness.

  1. The warranty
    A good vinyl wrap company will have an extended warranty of their product if it is good as advertised. At WrapsStudio, they offer a lifetime warranty. This means that if your vinyl wrap is old or damaged and needs replacement, all you need is to send the old wrap and they give you a new one. This means that you will make a lifetime partnership and investment that won’t be costing you. This also shows excellence assurance on their quality and will save you a lot of money that could have been from the purchases for replacement.

  1. Experience and reputation
    If a company has done a vinyl wrap production and distribution for a long time, this means that they are the best in the market and they thrive at what they do. You need however to verify that it is true. You can do this by asking the previous customers their experience with the company. What are their pros and cons and how have they improved on their cons if any.

With the above things, it will be easy for you to make a selection of the best vinyl wrap company in the market.


Pros and Cons of Mobile GPS Tracking

Pros and Cons of Mobile GPS Tracking

Innovation in mobile phone tracking technology allows business owners and parents to track the whereabouts of their employees and family members, at any time of the day. However, this tech presents a double-edged sword that features benefits and drawbacks. Let’s analyze the pros and cons of implementing tracking technology in your life, and that of your employees and family.

Find a Lost Device

The most significant advantage of mobile tracking technology is the fact that you can find a lost, stolen, or misplaced device. All you need to do to find out the location of the phone or tablets is log onto an app like GPS–Handy Orten and execute a search command. The app pinpoints your device with outstanding accuracy providing you with the location history

Keep an Eye on Family Members

Concerned parents can use a third-party tracking app to keep an eye on their children. If your child exhibits irrational behavior and you’re worried about what they’re getting up to a tracking app can provide you with peace of mind.

The app tracks their movements and gives you a complete history of where they’ve been during the day. There’s no more getting away with skipping school or telling you they’re going to the movies when they’re going somewhere else. A tracking app works as long as their phone is online, and if there’s a gap in their location history, you’ll know somethings not right.

Monitor Driver Behavior

Third party apps let you monitor driver behavior. This feature serves business owners and parents. If you think your driver is wasting business resources and running errands on your time, a third-party tracking app lets you know their movements.
The app alerts you of any driver misconduct, such as talking on the phone or texting while driving. You’ll receive alerts of and hard braking or speeding as well. This system works well for monitoring the behavior of delivery drivers, and learner drivers.

Protect Company Data and Assets

A third party tracking app can take things to the next level for protection of your business data and assets. Can you imagine if your employee's phone goes missing? They may have sensitive business documents or data on their phone that your competitors are dying to get their hands on at any cost. A tracking app prevents this data from falling into the wrong hands. If you can’t recover the phone, you have the option to wipe it clean.

Certain tracking apps allow you to monitor communications behavior, as well as location data. Track your employees or family member’s texts, search history, and call logs without them being any the wiser. If your child is lying to you about their whereabouts or what they did during the day, you can check up on their communications and discover if they're telling the truth.

Invasion of Privacy – The Ethical Debate

This level of tracking causes a moral crisis with some people. Your children and employees may not like the fact that you’re monitoring their every move. It may seem kind of creepy.
However, In the case of your business, you have the right to know what our employees are doing with your time and money. If they feel you are invading their privacy, then they must have something to hide.
The ethical problem is a bit more challenging when it comes to covertly monitoring your children’s or spouse’s behavior. You could consider it the same as reading their private diary. The decision to use covert tracking software is up to the individual and its line that you’ll have to cross by yourself.

Loss of Trust

If you’re discovered using covert tracking software on your employees or children without their knowledge, it may cause a crisis of trust between you.
People don’t like to know that someone is spying on them, even when he or she is doing nothing wrong. The choice is up to you, take it or leave it, face the consequences if you get caught.

Wrapping Up – The Pro’s Outweigh the Cons
Overall we can say that the pros of implementing tracking software in your business or at home outweigh the cons. In the case of data loss, or one of your children going missing, a tracking app is invaluable to the recovery of the device or learning your child’s whereabouts.