5 Best Betting Apps in 2019 - 2020

Sports betting is gaining more popularity in Nigeria, with the era of smartphones and tablets one who is looking to make some extra cash can easily predict and place bets online in the comfort of their bedroom and make some extra money. It's no surprise that players would want to have the best betting app on their phone which then becks the questions what is the best betting app in 2019 and 2020?

In this post, we will review the 5 best betting apps in 2019 based on a detailed analysis of several factors, criteria, best bookmaker reviews in Nigeria and modes of services.

5 best betting apps in 2019 - 2020


On the top of our list is the most popular betting app in Nigeria, among other great features it is known for its generous welcome bonus on mobile apps.

Bet9ja offers a 100% instant bonus on each funding received up to a #100,000 Naira. They feature great odds as well and their payout is very fast.

The Bet9ja app offers the most popular computer games as well as virtual betting, horse racing, dog racing and lots more.
The layout you for this app is an easy to use platform mostly for those who are new to sports betting.


With good betting odds the Nairabet apps get the second place on our review list. Nairabet happens to be one of the oldest bet companies in Nigeria, dating back to 2009.

It's said to be the first to come up with a functional mobile app for both Android and iOS devices with a well-designed user interface.

The nairabet app promises users with the most excitement of sports betting ranging from great betting odds to live betting odds for games already in play. It also features a fast payout with a maximum of 15 hours.
It also has great customer support to add to its great features.


With the best user interface, 1xbet secures the 3rd place on our review list. 1xbet has gone the extra mile to ensure that its mobile app offers that nice sleek and user-friendly interface.

With a well-organized menu, the 1xbet enables customers to navigate easily through the app.
The 1xbet is a very popular firm worldwide and they offer amazing odds across the globe.


Merrybet mobile app offers great opportunities for both live betting and standard sports betting.

The Merrybet app is designed to target low-speed internet users which allow users to log in even with the slowest of internet speed.
The app is designed to feature all leagues available on the desktop site.


Betking is the newest in town and its already making a name for itself. It the fastest growing betting company and features one of the best apps.

The Betking app has great features with an easy to use user-interface.
They offer considerably high odds and cover the major sports events and leagues across the world. They have a fast payout system and still pay been on weekends.

This is our review on the 5 best betting app in 2019. Please ensure to leave a comment and let us know what you think, also if you have a different opinion we would like to see them in the comment box below.


4 Features That the Next Generation of Social Networks Will Need to Have

With new online platforms and services being launched every year, it's only a matter of time before we see the appearance of a new kind of social network that caters to the needs and demands of the next generation. Existing platforms carry a number of flaws that will be addressed by competitors who are willing to go the extra mile for their user bases. With that said, here are four features that new social networking sites should implement to have a decent chance of securing a fair share of the market.

1. Enhanced Privacy

If there's anything to be learned from this current generation of social networking sites, it's that user privacy is going to be one of the most pressing concerns for the average consumer. New social networking platforms like Emenator aim to alleviate this concern by promising to never share or sell their users' data with third-parties. As well as protecting your privacy, an added bonus with using Emenator is that you won’t get bombarded with ads from sites you’ve visited (or any for that matter!). This is a promise that major players like Facebook and Twitter have not made nor kept. With cybersecurity becoming an increasingly important topic in today's world, future social networks will need to respect user privacy more than ever before

Emenator aSocial Network

2. New Ways to Interact and Share

In the future, social sharing will be directly integrated into every aspect of our daily lives through the ubiquitous presence of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. You'll be able to collect and share information about anything just by pointing your smartphone at it or looking at it while wearing a pair of AR goggles. Such widespread real-world integration will make social networking a more interactive and seamless process that will be directly built into the modern lifestyle instead of being merely a digital activity that you can only do in front of your phone or computer


3. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Related Features

The advent of virtual reality and augmented reality will undoubtedly result in the development of some very interesting features on social networking sites. Imagine being able to put on a pair of AR goggles and see your friend standing in the same room with you. Such updated versions of video chat and remote interaction will make social networking platforms an even more commonly used form of communication than they already are, as users will go from having video chats to virtual visits

4. Something New and Unexpected

Finally, there's a good chance that the most exciting social features of the future haven't even been conceptualized yet. It will be these unforeseen innovations that really make way for the “next big thing” in social media. You will know it when it hits because it will, like all innovations thus far, go viral literally overnight!

Will the Current Social Media Giants Reign Forever?
There was a time when MySpace was the undisputed leader in the social networking space. Back then, the idea that another site would somehow replace MySpace completely was unfathomable, yet Facebook did just that. Thus, it's not unreasonable to assume that eventually there might be another social networking platform that takes the world by storm and becomes the new norm through the implementation of some of the aforementioned feature types.


How to Easily Update Burp suite 2.x from 1.7.x for Linux

Today we're going to be learning how to upgrade or update our Burp Suite version from 1.7.x to the latest 2.1 version for Pro and Community Editions on Linux, this update is awesome, this works in 2020 and 2021.  I'd show you how you will get it install and updated easily on your Ubuntu Kali Linux distribution.

Note however that this is available to Community and Pro Edition only, soon the developers would update for Enterprise versions, so you should keep checking here because I'll update this post when it's available for Burp Suite Enterprise Edition.

This update has some new cool features for security researchers, whitehat hackers etc. The latest version has some new features along with its previous functionalities. One of the major feature of the update is that now Burp suite comes new display setting called Darcula (Night theme), this is to improve its UI (user interface) for LOVERS OF NIGHT MODE.

Burp Suite Community Edition v2.1

If you're already in the game (Web app security and InfoSec), you should already know what is Burp suite and how useful and powerful it is.

STEPS ON HOW TO UPDATE! How to Update Burp Suite in Kali Linux to version 2

There are many ways to go about updating your Burp Suite but what worked for me was using CLI (Command line) in Terminal to update my Burp Suite Community Edition to the latest v2.1. Therefore we will learn how to upgrade Burp suite to version 2 using simple and fast command lines in 2020 / 2021.

1. Go here to download Burp suite Community Edition

2. Look for Burp Suite Community Edition v2.1 and click Download for Linux
Filename should be "burpsuite_community_linux_v2_1.sh"

3. After download completes be sure it's in your download folder

4. Open Terminal and use the following commands
  •  sudo bash ~/Downloads/burpsuite_community_linux_v2_1.sh

5. Hit Enter and wait, Setup Wizard will pop-up >> Select - Yes, update the existing installation.

That's all! Now you can open Burp Suite again from your Linux app menu and continue to enjoy Burp with its new features for your researches.

Before now, there are 2 versions of Burp Suite (Free) or Burp Suite Community Edition for you.

Burp Suite Community Edition v1.7.36 - this is the stable version we all had been using.

Burp Suite Community Edition v2.1 - The latest one released June 28, 2019. It was in BETA mode as at the time I wrote this post.

Note that Community Edition is the Free version of Burp suite, there's 2 other Paid Editions which are
  • Burp Suite Enterprise and

  • Burp Suite Professional Edition


How To Design Your Own Printed Circuit Board

If your goal is to make a permanent project, as opposed to a breadboard setup, then you will want to design your own PCB. We will show you here, albeit briefly, how to design your printed circuit board and have it made by a PCB manufacturer.

It is possible to etch your PCBs at home but it’s a messy process, it’s much easier and cheaper to have a professional manufacturer to do this part for you – all you need to do is design the board and send them the files. There are plenty of popular PCB design software programs available

 Printed Circuit Board

Before you start the design of your printed circuit board it’s a good idea to make a schematic of your circuit. This schematic will be the blueprint that will be used for laying out the traces and placing of components on the board itself. This will make the design process much easier.

Schematic Symbols

It is best practice to put the schematic symbols down on the canvas before you draw any wires. Each symbol needs to have a PCB footprint attached to it, this will define physical dimensions of the components and the placement of any through holes or copper pads.

With all your symbols on the schematic and you have assigned each with a footprint, you should now start drawing your wires. When the wiring is finished it can be a good idea to label your symbols. It is best to use an advanced PCB design software like Altium for this kind of task.

Component Arrangement

With the wiring and symbols done, it is time to arrange your components. You might want to do a little research to see if there are any special design requirements that your circuit may need. For instance, some circuits perform better when certain components are in specific locations to either improve efficiency or reduce noise.

With component placement arranged, it’s now time to start drawing your traces. Refer back to your earlier schematic to verify the correct connections. Traces can be routed automatically by using the auto-router function of the PCB design software that you are using, but for more complex circuits and arrangements it may be better to do this manually as auto-routers may not be 100% accurate in these instances. For simpler designs, the auto-router should be sufficient, and you can always manually adjust everything later if required.


Printed Circuit Board Gerber Files

With everything else taken care of, it’s time for you to download your PCBs Gerber files. Gerber files are a set of image files generated by your design software. The files contain all of the data required that a manufacturer will use to create the printed circuit board for you.

The Gerber files are compressed into a single .zip file which can easily be emailed or uploaded. The filed consist of separate images for copper traces, silk screen and locations of drill holes etc.

This was only a rough guide, but you should have a better understanding of the process, your chosen software package will have detailed instructions on its use.

FIX - Firefox Add-ons stop working on Ubuntu/Linux

After reading this post you would be able to know why your Mozilla Add-ons had failed, disabled, deactivated, broken or stopped working and how to fix the issue which affected everybody using the browser.

I use Kali Linux on my new machine with Firefox ESR being my main browser and it's been an awesome experience so far, until the bug that crashed all the Add-ons we use on Firefox ESR for Linux and it was due to a bug that affected the Legacy extensions (Firefox standards).

Firefox Addons

I searched and waited for an update regarding the issue until 6th May, the official Firefox Twitter handle announced an update that fixed the bug that crashed our Add-ons.

A new Firefox 66.0.5 had been released and it fixes the whole add-on breakage issues but how do you get this working on your Ubuntu (Linux) without stress.

For other Operating systems like Windows and Mac, all they need to do is go to this page, click download and install the Firefox 66.0.5 but for Linux, it's a bit different ball game.


Normally, when you open your Terminal and use the following command lines it would update and fix your "Firefox ESR add-on stopped working issues" :

  • sudo apt-get install update
  • sudo apt-get install firefox

But the above CL won't work for now because Ubuntu is yet to update their packages from Sources list.
So if you can't wait for an update from them (for Firefox ESR), then you can use my fix/steps below. This will install Firefox mainline in your Ubuntu.

1. Visit the page with your Operating system and Click Download to get Firefox 66.0.5 update here , the file should be in tar.bz2 extension.
Note- Close Firefox ESR if it's open.

2. Open your Terminal and run the following:

cd ~
tar xjf firefox-66.0.5.tar.bz2

3. Now to launch the browser, run the below CL in your Terminal:


After launching successfully, you would see your Add-ons working again :)

Note however that you won't be able to run ESR while using mainline Firefox at the same time if they're both installed under same user profile and folders in your Ubuntu/Linux machine.

Snax, the Blockchain based Social Overlay - Reviewed

Snax is a blockchain overlay meant to cover the utmost prevalent social media to create an economy of individuals’ contacts. Snax is a basic convenience token of own DPOS blockchain.

The Snax podium permits to measure the worth of a public content evidently and prize publishers devoid of forcing social platforms to modify well-known business models. Snax offers free accounts registering, prompt zero-cost deals, endowment system and the likelihood to create Apps.

Snax Review blockchain based social overlay

Why Snax is unique?

Snax focuses on saving amassed UX and present network effects. It implies that one does not require altering the normal way of employing favorite social platforms to partake in the Snax economy. Simply keep publishing plus check the Snax balance occasionally.

For whichever user Snax offers two basic modes to participate:

-Amass Systematic Publisher Rewards
- Accept and send contributions

Both usage cases are realized via a mechanism of Social Transactions, which is an important aspect of the Snax blockchain. The Social Transactions offer a likelihood of sending SNAX to whichever account on a social podium, incorporated into Snax. A noteworthy fragment of Social Transactions mechanism is the opening to direct the tokens to an account whose possessor hasn’t been listed on Snax yet.


The blockchain overlay solution

On the rationale of doctrine #1, Snax is en route to fashion an overlap resolution on the blockchain, which  shall  be  naturally  entrenched  in  the  prevailing  social  media  environment.  Simultaneously, users don’t have to alter their know-how of employing social media platforms.

The SNAX tokens can get rewarded to any individual, who makes content on social media focused on promotion like Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter etc. SNAX is the elementary utility coin of its blockchain podium. Snax blockchain is centered on  EOS  —  prevalent  open source  blockchain  engine  using  DPOS  accord  algorithm  [11], nevertheless with free account registering, which permits Snax to execute principle #2 thoroughly.



Snax blockchain utilizes DPOS agreement. However, Snax has a dissimilar standpoint on several basic blockchain inklings:  computing resources management, account registration and ICO. Snax similarly pays much consideration to build the intelligible interface for covering each phase of employing blockchain. Its main precedence is to offer the simplicity of employing blockchain for a normal Internet consumer.

Main milestones

The roadmap of Snax comprises the following key aspects:

-Social Transactions on the most prevalent podiums: Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube etc.
-Contribution system having collectable tokens support
-Social media marketing podium that is decentralized
-Decentralized influencer advertizing podium


EaseUS Review for Mac - Best Free Data Recovery software

Did you mistakenly delete something from your Mac OS X? Or maybe due to crash or some error you lost some valuable file(s) in your MacBook?
EaseUS Data Recovery Software for Mac OS X is arguably one of the best solutions to perform a successful Mac data recovery and it's Free to use.

We will do a further more explanation of how EaseUS data recovery software works for Mac OS X in this review.

EaseUS Mac Data Recovery freeware enables you to recover deleted, lost, or formatted files at the press only a few buttons.

With just three simple steps, it's enough to restore all of your deleted data on MacBook, iMac, and storage devices. The earlier you use, the greater the chance is to recover.

Recovering Mac Files with EaseUS

EaseUS free data recovery software recovers deleted and formatted files for Mac. It can be applied to repair and restore photos, videos, music files, emails, documents, archived files, and more: 200+ file types are supported.

How to Recover Lost Data and Ensure Hard Drive Recovery on Mac OS X

Here is the simple guide on how to perform a Mac data recovery which will Recover lost/deleted files, photos, videos etc on Mac OS x with EaseUS data recovery software.

Download and install the program, then launch it on your Mac computer. It's completely safe and will never cause any damage to your drives.

Select the disk/partition where you lost data, click 'Scan' to start file scanning.


Filter scan results, preview and recover data

There you have it. We just recovered lost Mac Data using EaseUS, with just few clicks, it works very fast, it’s efficient and has proved to be a lifesaver to so many Mac OS X users all over the world.