3 Types of Tragedies A BlackBerry Monitoring Application Can Help You Prevent

A BlackBerry Monitoring Application, for all the hype and features it has, it’s just a tool. And just like any other tool, it’s only useful for what you use it for. It might have the most developed technology in the world, but it would be all for naught if it didn’t serve a useful purpose.

Fortunately, a BlackBerry Monitoring Application does have a purpose, and I would say it’s a very useful one: preventing tragedies. That is the main reason why I think it’s becoming so popular. I think people of different backgrounds would benefit from it if they knew that they would be able to get the information that would allow you to prevent the following:

1. Car accidents due to alcohol and drinking.

If you have a teenage boy, this is a real danger. Unfortunately, 65% of teenage boys drink. The problem is that they often drive after drinking. Yes, they know they shouldn’t do it, but when someone is drunk, his judgement is impaired and they make bad decisions. The program can let you know if your child or any of his friends drink, or if alcohol will be served at the reunions that your child attends. Remember, if your boy (or girl, because unfortunately girls are now drinking as much as boys nowadays) drinks, he’s certainly going to keep it a secret.

2. Teen pregnancy.

I’m not talking about your opinion on life, which is yours and I respect. I’m only talking about the fact that girls get pregnant while in their teens, which is not a desirable thing by anyone’s standards. You may ignore that your daughter is dating, or if she’s having sex. Even if you are one of those liberal parents who allows your daughter to date and have sex, you would like the reassurance that her boyfriend is a good boy and that she’s protecting herself. Obviously, most parents are not that liberal and they can prevent a teen pregnancy with this software.

3. Employee fraud.

If you have a company, you have to protect it too. Employees who are dishonest can literally destroy it if they commit fraud. Some of them sell your information to your competitors. Others lower your prices (and thus your profits) for their clients, just caring about getting a commission but not about whether the deal is good for the company or not. And yet there are others who blatantly steal from the company, either money or supplies.

Having a monitoring software program gives you all the information that goes through a BlackBerry, allowing you to know everything that people keep a secret from you. In turn, you’ll know who’s safe and who’s not and who is on your side and who’s not.

Brian Coulter is an expert on mobile phone technology and its applications. He likes to explain the latest in mobile phone technology to his readers in simple terms, without all the technical jargon. He is also the author of Blackberry Monitoring Program.
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