5 Great Ways to Begin Your Next Blog Post

Before I set my fingers on keyboard to type this, I thought of the Title, “5 Great ways To Begin Your Next Blog Post”. Next, I opened a new tab and typed a few Keywords into Google’s Search Engine, Ways to Begin a Blog post“, though the keywords I typed on the Search engine and the Title of this Post seems so similar, most results on the first page consisted on how you can  
>>Go to To your Dashboard,
>>Click new Post to begin a new blog post and all that… , but hey, this is not what I’m discussing here, rather we will be moving to something very much more important than that.

Let’s face the fact, if not uncountable, there are Zillions of blogs published everyday, yet only about 21% of these blogs world wide really know how to start a post in a such a great way that would be appealing to readers, hence make them read more and come back for more.

You can go ahead, take few seconds and read this post again from the beginning, did you notice what I did? How I got you to read past the first paragraph, even the second, well, that’s what I’m talking about in this post.
Just as they say, “First impressions matters most in Life”,  the quality you give to the first paragraph you make on a new post is important, it will determine whether your readers should go on reading it to the very end.

It doesn’t matter what niche you are blogging about, after reading this, you’ll be able to literally ”Copy & Paste” the techniques to your own posts, and hopefully gain better results,
below are 5 Great Ways to Begin Your Next Blog Post…. Or Adjust the Older ones.

  • Ask a Question

Asking questions is one of the easiest, surest and captivating way of beginning your posts, you can check out or recall other blogs you have visited, they use this technique and you enjoyed reading from them because it worked.
Using this method is not just a simple way of getting started but also a way of attracting your readers to read more.
A good example of this method of starting a new post is this Question:

“Do you ever wonder if the positioning of the elements on your website are really making any sense?”

  • Start with a Quote

Yes, I know starting with a quote feels like you are some public speaker, preacher, motivator, or some high school student given an essay to write. Quotes in your posts can go further than you actually think. It is a great way of opening a new post, and of course, there should be quotes for a reason, that reason is what your readers would like to know about, thereby keep them reading that post to where you put a full stop.
You can take a look at this 

“Our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves”

  •  Go against The Rule

Ever seen a write up beginning with strong sentences disagreeing with what every other person believes? It brings a kind of little shock or big surprise as you read the line right? Now, applying this technique also give your readers some sort of curiosity, making them doubt and ask themselves questions which will only be answered if they continue reading the post.

for example : “Blogging about how to make Online cash is the best niche that yields the most pay from blog sites, I say NO, it’s not true”.

  •   Go On and Tell a Story

Everybody loves stories, I do, and bet you also do, the method of opening a new post with a short interesting story really goes a long way keeping your readers involved, especially if it’s Real.
You can tell them how you went to a nearby super market, then to the electronics-section where you bought a gadget which is precisely the topic of the post you are discussing with them.
I have used this technique to begin my posts several times and it worked for me.

“It was about 6:35am in the morning, when I woke up from sleep, I took my phone, I had no expectations of seeing something that would be so amazing as I browsed Facebook Mobile, as usual, I saw much Notifications”

  •   Be Short and Direct 

Again, take a snappy look at the way I opened this post down to this very point I’m rounding it up, there’s no big deal about it, rather it’s just one of the ways from those I had mentioned in the list above. The one thing you have to do is keep it short, simple, and neat. Drop something you want your readers to get out of the article, then, they will be interested in knowing how they can get it.An example is just like the title of this same post,

“5 Great Ways to Begin Your Next Blog Post”

Hope you pick one or more out of these tips and apply them. Your readers are expecting better posts from you.   Happy Blogging!

  1. Really great one bro,watch out am gonna update my blog using the question tag method,pls look out for it and criticise it please,thanks for the share,meanwhile,i am sharing this post right away on facebook

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