5 Simple Ways to use SEO for Customer Acquisition

SEO means a lot of things to many people, but most of its meaning is embedded in customer acquisition, which every business owner needs to keep growing as a brand. While SEO might hint at areas like Serpbook, keyword analysis, link building and user experience, SEO keenly focuses on attracting relevant organic traffic and equally to identify the channels that bring in qualified leads.

SEO for Customer Acquisition

Typically, SEO is gaining massive popularity for its ability to reveal newer techniques on how to increase likeability and visibility online. Fortunately, this article covers 5 simple ways that anyone can use SEO for customer acquisition:

Keyword Research

This is a well-known SEO concept that has widely been used to improve ranking in search engines.

What you did not know is that keyword research plays a major role in attracting new customers to your site. Finding new keywords for a website’s pages and using them in the content will draw more traffic to your website, some of which is by audiences that are not aware of your brand.

Ideally, keywords will help you feature relevantly in search engines positioning yourself as a solution to people’s searches, which also captures a new customer base.

Tip: Instead of relying on your main keywords, use long-tail keywords, which carry more weight, simply to boost conversions by targeting search queries that will actually end in sales.

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Boost the user experience to your site

Studies conducted have shown that a good user experience plays a huge role in affecting a customer’s willingness to be a loyal advocate. Your main goal should be to build credibility and strong relationships with your current audience-base so that they can convert to your advocates.

With an impeccable user experience, click-through rates will increase as well as cut down on exit rates that might be causing your traffic instability.

Improve the content Experience

Your content is the whole reason you have an audience, and therefore you should be able to provide them adequate value for their time, which is the number one reason you should engage in a lot of content research to remain up-to-date with the trending topics in your industry. 

Ensure you create highly shareable content that is relevant to your industry of operation and is properly structured to address the needs of your audience, but more importantly, generates content that can evoke emotions and provoke conversations and other types of feedback from people. 

Every once in a while, consider repurposing content to increase the content experience, and even try the skyscraping technique. Develop different types of content that will boost the rate at which people share your content as well as increase the number of click-throughs which stand to positively affect the flow of organic traffic on your site. 

Use social media

Today, almost everyone is using social media, which means a huge part of the people you are trying to reach out to are on social media.

Determine the most favorable social media platforms for your type of business and work on sharing your content on those platforms. Remember to integrate the different social media icons on your website linked to all the social media platforms you are on.

While at it, develop and build relationships with important persons in your industry that will get you the right kind of attention. An unknown fact is that the social media users with few followers can champion your brand and turn to be loyal advocates that can attract an even higher audience-base.

Typically, social media platforms work differently, so be sure to create messages relevant and unique for the different platforms, and focus more on impressions rather than followers that do not necessarily determine your audience reach.

Actively participate in forum marketing

Forums are a great way for business owners and customers share their ideas and views with each other, by sharing useful information where potential customers can discuss your services or products, or those that are similar to yours.

Read what your competitors post and see what connections they have so that you are better placed at analyzing what you can do to improve your site or product to attract such a liking. Consider posting on these forums to answer people’s questions and build relationships with them, rather than push your products and services.

Either way, the chosen tactics should be justified by the findings or results you uncover at the end of it all, measured by the behavior of the director organic traffic on your site.

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