5 Social Media Marketing Tips For 2013

2013 had been the year of the Socaial Media people from all around the world have become familiar with the importance of the social media and pay their fullest to make a profitable room in the rising social media trends. Greater awareness brings greater competition. The more people are getting involved, the more creative tricks are required to stand as a successful business owner in the ocean of social media.
However, one should remember that the involvement of too many tricks can bring adverse results. Here are 5 basic tricks which are specially designed for the 2013 social media marketing.

1. Stay Alive!

Most of the big businesses make their profiles in order to show up their existence, no matter for how long their profiles have remained dormant. The profile is your digital identity. People take an interest in living persons only, and they have no interest in the dead bodies. Make sure that you log into your social media profile daily and show your existence to the people. A big name is worthless if it is dead. Keep the focus on the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ an essential part of your business.

Social Media Marketing Tips

2. Direct Connectivity

When the social media arrived first, people loved it for it offered a totally different type of interaction. People, who met with each other on the social or communal gatherings, started developing new relations in any part of the world through the social media. However, now the trends have changed. People love change and you can let people love your business by giving them a different type of interaction i.e. by mingling interpersonal interactions with the social media interactions. Make direct relationships, respond your every customer and visitor individually, give them importance and let your business flourish!

3. Persuading Content

There is a lot of choice in the social media. People who use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pintereste receive a lot of content every day. However, you should make sure that your posts and ideas are responsive and persuade people. For this purpose, you can keep a regular check on the latest news and share your ideas with the people. You can also evaluate the interests of people and share posts accordingly, however, it would be a little hectic for a business marketer.

4. Don’t Stop On Existing Followers

Social media is an ocean in which your search voyage never ends! There is always a capacity of new followers on the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pintereste etc. Make sure that you avail this opportunity. Don’t stop on the existing followers as the chances of flourishing your business in the new markets yet exist!

5. Make Offline Researches

There is always a chance of the offline discussions. Offline discussion is the one in which neither you, nor your direct followers are involved. It is done by the people who are interested in your business, however they do not follow you neither interact with you on the social media. For this purpose, take help from the social media. Enter the brand name of your company and check the results. There would be many people who are interested in becoming your brand’s customer however, they do not know the accurate spellings of your brand. There would also be people who have questions about your brand, and lastly, there are people who analyze your business in a general term in the social media.
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  1. Hi Edi Dominic Ifediri,
    Yes, it’ll better to use Social Media to increase number of visitors to your websites. I did this to make sure my websites is worth visiting. Now a days Search engine optimization companies are also using SMO tools to increase their traffic. Thanks for sharing.

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