5 Things to Have in Mind when Shopping Online this 2017

Over the years, the use of internet to buy items had become a daily activity all over the globe. Whether it’s via Amazon, EBay, or any other commerce stores you are shopping, there are some mistakes that people are still making till date, regardless if it’s your first time or not, this 2017, here are the latest tips you should bear in mind when you go Online to Shop for anything – Be it Goods or Services, especially goods.

1. Have a Budget

Just like you would normally do when going to a physical shop or market to buy items, this is very important because you may find other “Shiny objects” that will take your mind off your the exact item you intended buying, hence you end up buying and paying for what you didn’t even budget for.


2. Use a Correct Contact Address

Upon Signing up for an account with an E-commerce store, the details (Home address, Phone number) you fill about your self is sometimes different from the details you give when the items you are buying would be shipped to you. Say for Example, I have my Home Address filled when signing up for an Ebay account, but when recently buying items, if I will be at the Office when the items gets delivered, I fill my Office as delivery address during check out.
Hope you get it now, unless someone else can pick you item, it’s advisable and better of being available at where your items get delivered.

3. Check for Discounts and Coupons
Coupons had been saving lives for a very long time and it sure would save you some, we mean saving you some extra cash, precisely you are buying in bulk, coupons would surely come in handy, so make sure you check around if you can get a Discount Or Coupons from any Online store or E-commerce sites you buying from. There are a couple of sites that offer free valid Coupons which you may want to look up to. Hot UK Savings is one of the leading voucher search engines in UK market which offers latest discount codes & vouchers from top retailers in almost every category.

4. Is it Pay Before or After Delivery

At check out, does the E-commerce run on Pay Before Or After Delivery? Some popular online malls allow both, while some don’t. Paying before delivering is often the only option if the items will be shipped from overseas. Be sure you are comfortable with whatever options they give since you will have to trust them with your Credit/Debit cards and Credentials.

5. Do they Allow Returns of shipped Goods?

Take for example, the likes of AliExpress, as we may know already they have thousands of sellers or merchants and unfortunately NOT all merchants accept returns of goods after you bought them, although most of them do, (anything to keep you, customers happy). But it’s very advisable and important you check for this option from whatever E-commerce sites you are buying anything from. Because anything might go wrong, items may not be as you expected or as described, in such cases you will have to return such item and have your money refunded or the item replaced.

We hope you found these tips handy, and your experience safer and rest assured when you shop online.

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