Best Different iPhone Cases and Covers – Review

Different iPhone covers and cases are coming into the market as soon after the iPhone 5 was launched in the market. However, it is not easy to get hands on either the device or its accessories. This is because the demand by the pre-ordering users has so much increased there is no time for regular demands and orders to be fulfilled. 

The iPhone covers are easy to find however on the third party accessory dealers’ website. You can log on to Incipio, Cygnett, LifeProof, Wrappz and other famous designer accessory dealers’ websites to have what you want for your iPhone. Some accessories are made in metal, wood, plastic and some are made in leather, plastic and silicone. Apart from that, you can also custom design the accessories with the help of choosing the color, the material and the design of the accessories all by yourself. The dealers are all equipped with the kind of material you will choose and the color that will suit you. 

Even now, the designer brands in clothes and accessories for both men and women are also bringing up their line of iPhone covers, cases, and stickers, etc. You can see how people have matched up the texture of their bags with their iPhone accessories. You can also get them by searching online for the designer brands etc. let me highlight some good cases and covers for your iPhone 5. 

1. Tech 21 Impact Band Case: 

Tech 21 Impact Band Case
It has a side and clear plastic back protection for the iPhone. All you need is to put the iPhone in the case and wear it as an armband. This is for all those who forget their gadgets lying down around places they go out to and then their cell phones and other gadgets are stolen. When you use the phone, you will be using it from your wrist inside the cover, so you do not have to take it out from the case. You can get this for 40$ on Amazon.

2. X-Doria Dash:

X-Doria Dash
When you want that the iPhone 5 should not be mistaken for the iPhone 4 by your friends while still it is in the cover, than go for this one. It has the side and the back protection leaving space for the icon of the iPhone 5 and the details on the back casing. Still it is a good case as its shape is unique and extraordinary. You can get it from Amazon and the third party dealers for 35$.

3. Scoshe Kickback:

Scoshe Kickback
This case is available on every dealer website for only 30$. The colors and the designs can be handpicked by the users in custom designs. You can order the cases directly from the website. It has a stand at the back so that the iPhone can easily rest in a tilting position and you can work on it without holding it. It is easy to hold as the material is silicone so if you have sweaty hands, do not worry.

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  2. Hey ! When you want that the iPhone 5 should not be mistaken for the iPhone 4 by your friends while still it is in the cover, than go for this one…
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