Add & Display Author (Your) Name On Facebook Shared-Post Snippets

There had been a few popular stuffs I had written here about the Social Media Giant, Facebook, posts like


There’re More on Social Media which you can read here, but I recently started noticing something on Facebook, when people share posts from websites and blogs, this New Feature displays the author (Website Owner’s) Name below the snippet of the shared post on Facebook.

For Those who may not Know what Snippets are:

SNIPPETS are a small piece or small bit, scrap, or fragment having summary or description of a website or post that was shared on Facebook or Results after you search for keywords on Search Engines like Google.

The Advantage with this snippet feature, it will help Readers know who owns and Authors your various blogs, so they can easily find and keep in touch with you more closely.
To assure you of how valuable this feature could be, I checked around and found few popular bloggers that have already taken advantage of the tool.

This is what it actually looks like.

That’s a snippet from +Jide Ogunsanya , a smart blogger who’s using the tool. Once he shares or his visitors shares his stuff on facebook, it displays his name underneath the post, as the owner of the blog from which the post/link was shared.
As you can see, the snippet is showing his name and web address,
So we can easily know who owns which website/blog.

Here’re More!

The next below is a snippet shared on Facebook from my 2nd blog, 

Facebook Share Snippets

…. and this one from A friend’s blog

Facebook Share Snippets

Now, Let’s Learn How to Add & Display Author Name On Facebook Share Snippets

There’s No sweat in adding this feature to your own blog, it’s just a line of META-TAGS, that’s all
1. Login to your Blogger/Wordpress dashboard.
2. Go to Template >> Edit HTML
Click inside where you have all your template codes, then search or Press CTRL  + F
search for this code
Right under the code above , you’ll find this  </b:if>

Now,  under that little code, copy and Paste this
<meta content=’YOUR NAME‘ name=’Author’/>

3. Replace YOUR NAME with your own name.

4. Click Save, then give it time for it to take effect.
Effect will not be instant because this tool is not like other codes which you used for designing your blogs, this is actually a META-TAG, it would take about 15 – 30 minutes for Google to crawl your template and Save that change.
This meta tag doesn’t only apply on helping you display Author name on Facebook shared posts snippets, it also helps your site look more detailed and descriptive on Search engines and especially Social Media. There’re more meta-tags out there but this particular one is found relevant.

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  1. Do you have video to do that bro because I can't do it. I hope you'll respond my comment soon. Thank for your work.

  2. If you search for this line of code:
    < data :blog.title/> without spaces

    When you find it then follow the rest of the steps above.

  3. Awesome post, this post is really helpfull. Now we can add our name in our unique Facebook profile url to make it easy to remember and look professional. Thank you 🙂

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