Airtel Bundle Tweak Updated For April – Get Free Airtel Data Bundle Now

Airtel Nigeria is at it again, two months ago I posted tweak which would fetch us  a bundle data of 25MB for free, I’m not sure that tweak lasted up to 48 hours, now I don’t understand if it’s some kind of secret promo for their users or something, just this morning, a generous friend of mine called me asking if I have this Tweak, I said No, so he shared it with me, I tested it and it worked immediately.

So i decided sharing the tweak with you,
Simply Dial  * 141 * 13 * 1 #

You instantly get 10 MB worth of Data bundle to browse with for 7 days, Free!.
Redialing it for a data bundle Top Up doesn’t work if you are thinking of doing that. And it works just once on every Airtel SIM.
It’s Still a good one since tweaks are pretty hard to get nowadays right?

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  1. The tweak really worked for my airtel line and someother lines too. Oftentimes, it is always surprising to see most of this tweak work but how you get them remain a mystery to me. Thanks for sharing this tweak.

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