ALL-IN-ONE! Latest Browsing Tweaks For MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL Users This 2016 / 2015

Have you been looking for Free/Cheap Browsing Tweaks to use this 2016? That’s great, you have come to the right place, there are browsing tweaks for you now, for a while now many geeks had been using these browsing tweaks to do heavy downloads and Browsing at a very affordable rate, after many demands from friends and fans here, I finally took my time to make this post for all of us. It’s an ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE, tweaks for almost All Nigerian Networks, MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL.

UPDATE: Check out Latest Browsing Tweaks and Cheats in 2016 – For MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo

Note: These Tweaks below still work in 2016 for MTN and Glo, we will update you on Etisalat and Airtel 2016 tweaks later on.

Here’s a Break Down of all the Tweaks I am about to Share with you:
1. MTN BIS with Simple Server
3. ETISALAT, PayG – Unlimited browsing and Downloads
4. AIRTEL – A Fresh Tweak that Gives you 2GB after Tweaking your IMEI

So if you have the Sim listed above, smile as you Grab a Cup of Tea as you’ll surely benefit from any or All these Browsing Tweaks below.

1. MTN BIS with Simple Server



After downloading, Subscribe to any MTN BIS Plan of your choice by dialing *123*4*1#

The Daily BBC plan has been blocked for this tweak.

For using Blackberry plan with the Simple server:
BB10 Plan works great ( Send BBMIDID to 21600 – for Daily plan or the Daily plan for 70Naira – Dial *216*7# ).
Make sure you get the BIS Activation SMS and 100 or 70 Naira is deducted, once it’s active.
Follow the Settings Below to Enjoy the sweet browsing on your Android or PC with MTN BIS plan 🙂

subscribe to any of your choice by dialing *123*4*1# to choose a plan, you’re suggested ouse the Daily BBC plan ( Send BBCDAY to 21600 ), once it’s active.
Follow the Settings Below to Join the Enjoyment on your Android with MTN BIS plan 🙂 –

subscribe to any of your choice by dialing *123*4*1# to choose a plan, you’re suggested ouse the Daily BBC plan ( Send BBCDAY to 21600 ), once it’s active.
Follow the Settings Below to Join the Enjoyment on your Android with MTN BIS plan 🙂 – See more at:

1.  Extract the SimpleServer.Zip >>> Open the extracted file folder,
You’ll find Simpleserver.exe and
Edit the .INI file and input the following
In your Simple server INI input >>,
that is in your VALHDR0 = ‘
Save It (Ctrl + S )

Double Click on the ‘SimplerServer.exe to run the application.

2. Connect the modem, with normal APN settings.
To make sure your APN is correct, go to settings on your Modem and configure your
APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.­net ,
Password & username: web

Also configure your browser and IDM to (LocalHost)
Port 8080.

3. On Firefox Menu, Click >> OPTIONS >> NETWORK >> SETTINGS >> TICK MANUAL CONFIGURATION, Input the Proxy I.P ( and Port:8080) and Save.
See this Post on How to Configure your Browser to LocalHost.

RECOMMENDED: Best Ways To Change and Use Proxy Servers/Local Host on Google Chrome

After you’re set, be sure the Simple Server is running, Connect your Modem.
Open your browser and start Browsing and downloading.


==> Install SimpleServer.apk on your Android (Rooted Android Only) Root Your Android Here
==> Create New APN settings On Your Phone
As Follows…
Port: 8080
APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.­net
Save And Activate it SS your default settings.
 On your Android, go to simple server App and configure the settings:
==>Proxy host:
==>Proxy Port: 8080
==>Injection Method: get
==>Injection query/url: http: //­ [without any space]
==>Injection Host: web. [don’t leave space]
==>Injection line: press your enter key 4 times
==>Log level: debug

Now the Last part;

Leave any other thing , Press Bck to Exit it, Pressing Back will automatically Save your Settings as you Exit.
Put on your Internet, Go back to Simple Server App and click START.

Simple Server Android

You can Browse and Download all you want. It powers all Apps.

N.B: This particular Tweak dies and resurrects, now look at this pretty Old Post I wrote about MTN BIS Working with DROIDVPN, that was early last year,  it had existed even before I updated that post in July 2014… We just invent new methods to keep it alive.
I use it when I published this post. It still works.

2. GLO BIS For Android Browsing Tweak

All you need do is Tweak/Repair your Android’s IMEI to that of Blackberry. After that, you can Share Connection from your Android to your PC via HOTSPOT.
GLO users are adviced to see this post On >> How to use Glo Blackberry Subscription on your Android.

3. ETISALAT Browsing Tweak:


Etisalat PayG

This one is Superfast browsing tweak for Etisalat users, but you’ll need to be Super Smart to Enjoy it.
Follow the Steps Below:
 1.Get your sim on easycliq so that you receive free mb when you recharge. Subscribe to the payg plan.*229*5*7#
2.Recharge N100, they give you 5mb or 10mb depending.
3.Start your browsing, preferably downloading.
4.They usually reset the connection at 55mins, so your download will most likely stop at that time.
5.Just disconnect or switch of your data and then reconnect. No need for codes.
6.After another 55mins, do the same again.
This can be used for days with the initial N100 still intact. Your free 10mb will be reduced to 0.48mb and that will reduce by 10kb after each cycle. (CREDITS TO aiikae of GL for this working One)
N.B – Avoid Video Streaming Sites like Youtube etc when browsing as in Step 3.

4. AIRTEL Browsing Tweak

This is A Fresh Tweak that Gives you 2GB after Tweaking your IMEI
See the IMEI >> 869878000162957
It’s 15 Digits, so you’ll need to generate your Unique Numbers and use it to Get your own 2GB from Airtel.
You can copy the first 12 and generate others to make it unique.
Use to Check Valid IMEI or generate for yourself.
See this Post To Learn How to Tweak your IMEI
After tweaking this IMEI on your Android, Text  3G TO 141 and Enjoy.
See Screenshot Of 2GB received Below.

Airtel new 2Gb

You will need to keep checking this post for updated working ones, just incase the one you use gets slow or blocked.
Young people love tweaks… never mind anyone telling you it’s old stuff, I understand that you and other people who are reading this may be students trying to save some Cash and avoid Expenses, besides if you also check well, you’re Enjoying More Data Freedom than people who pay for Data/Internet subscriptions,  that’s one of the Major reasons I created this Tech blog. To Share Tweaks, unique and Useful Knowledge that works and make Life easy for all our Readers all over the World.
Network Agents can walk in here anytime to find this post and Decide to work on blocking it, but it really is none of our Business either.

We worked hard to dig out and Write this Long Post, If you Must Copy it, Pls be Kind enough to Give (Credit) Link Back to us where you Got it From.
We don’t ask for money or Anything from you, Linking back and Sharing this post is the Best way to Support and Appreciate our effort, so everyone can progress.
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  1. This etisalat tin dey work? I need etiyweak oh, no be only guys need am oh….
    Secondly my iPhone icloud is locked pls help wif icloud lock removal software …

    Lady B.

  2. Sure it's Possible to root Lollipop, method to root it depends on the phone you're using, you may tell us the phone name and model you use so we can tell you how to root it 🙂

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