Aplus GV18 Smartwatch Hands On Review – The Affordable Galaxy Gear Clone

The Aplus GV18 is a cool smartwatch I recently purchased last month. After unboxing it, I spent a few weeks with the gadget trying to see how well it performs so I’d probably review with you a few things about it, just incase you may like to own one too.

Before we dive into more photos and details I’d like us to know that this smart watch is loved by many people across the country as it’s not the over priced Samsung Galaxy Gear, although they seem similar, it has it’s own beauty and the gadget is produced by a different Chinese company.

Let’s quickly see a quick specification of the Aplus GV18 smartwatch:


  • BRAND MODEL – Aplus GV18
  • BATTERY – 550mAh
  • CAMERA – 1.3MP
  • STORAGE – RAM – 128M+ ROM – 64M
  • CPU & PROCESSOR – MTK6260A / 533MHz
  • FUNCTION – Music player, passometer, sleep tracker, message reminder, call reminder, dial and receive calls, remote control, push messaging/notification and 3D acceleration
  • OTHERS – Micro SIM, sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, anti-lost and remote camera

From the Specs up there, I can assure us of some nice and basic things this smartwatch can do for you:

  • Tell Time and Date (Foreign Calender included)
  • Answer and Make Calls
  • Send and Receive SMS
  • It synchs with your smartwatch, messages and call logs etc.
  • Play Music and Low resolution videos
  • Radio FM (when connected to headphone via Bluetooth)
  • Record Videos and Voice
  • Anti-Lost (which will Alert you incase your phone is out of range when connected via Bluetooth)
  • Pedometer which count how many calories you burn
  • Heart rate monitor, Sleep and Walk monitor but, not much people do really use that right?


  • The GV18 Smart Watch
  • A USB Cable for charging
  • A User Manual

After wearing on the wrist, it feels comfortable, it may look quite bulky at first, but I got to adapt to the size after wearing it couple of times.
Unless you are used to wearing big watches already, you may not notice the big size of the smartwatch is quite obvious when you wear it.

Aplus GV18 Smartwatch battery

If you need a replacement battery for this smartwatch, then you should find it on Amazon or Aliexpress; they are available there and cost about $5 for the battery.


You will find the 1.3MP Camera, which works quite well at taking photos and recording videos.

Right underneath the display is the speaker, I was a bit impressed with the speaker as it was loud and clear enough when playing Music or answering calls with the smartwatch.


When you open the back, The smartwatch has its removable 550mAh battery.

Still at the Back, you find SIM port (Micro-SIM sized), and memory card slot.


There’s nothing at the right side of the smartwatch.
At The Left side, you see Power/Wake-up button and the USB Port, for charging and file transfer, the data transfer works if you have Memory card inserted in it.


Aplus GV18 smart watch is a good looking smartwatch, it’s popularly known to be Galaxy Gear’s clone although they are different (as said in our second paragraph above this post), the GV18 has it’s own difference in terms of user interface.
The smart watch has 3 different time display modes or screensavers pictured below.

Clock Display - GV18
There isn’t much to discuss about the interface, the font design reminds you of the good china phones of way back before Tecno Android arrived.
The Menu it’s not too stylish, it comes with 3 themes one of which I think is well polished and makes the gadget very presentable.

The Camera 

The Camera is quite clear, we took a few photos using the camera of the gadget as seen below, the picture is visible but definitely not quality.
Also, we put its camera ability to test, we recorded a Video using the smartwatch, you can watch below


1. I.M.O, the 3 themes were okay, but the smartwatch’s interface isn’t too elegant, not even near the Apple iWatches. The interface isn’t having so much options for you to choose to customise and enhance the experience, for example, as I already mentioned it comes with only 3 Themes.
Again, the font of the interface is just too plain and straight-forward, not much swag and designs.
2. Secondly, typing on the smartwatch is not so good since the keys are quite very small, you’ll find yourself typing “D” when you intend to press “H”. You’ll need to be calm and concentrate before you can type accurately with it.
3. Lastly, not everybody finds it sensible or comfortable enough to talk to a smartwatch when answering or making calls “in public”; the watch is always on the loudspeaker during calls the watch speakers are quite loud, and the only way to bypass this issue is to pair the smartwatch with a bluetooth headset.


The good things about this smartwatch apart from the ones we listed above, is the fact that it looks mature and premium (maybe it’s because I bought the gold colored one, it’s not washing off so far).
Secondly, the SIM slot feature is pretty cool since it can make calls individually without needed to be connected to a phone, the watch can serve as back up incase your phone battery dies. The battery is quite reliable too, it can serve 2 and half days straight without charging.
Where to Buy:
If you’re looking for where to buy the Aplus GV18 Smartwatch
  • Buy From Alibaba Here
  • You can Order it From Jumia Here
  • or You may Buy from Konga here 
Buying the Aplus GV18 Smartwatch will take upto 30 days for Free delivery to Nigeria with Aliexpress (Alibaba) and about 7 days if you pay extra to the Courier service (mine was shipped from Netherlands).
However, you can still Order from Online Malls Here as it’s Available and easier too, although may be little more expensive.
  1. wow… that awesome… I really do want to get one but just looking at it from a distance .. I will soon sha, working on that

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