Apple has started releasing iOS 10 Beta 5 for developers

Just a few days after rolling out beta 4 for developers, Apple has started releasing iOS 10 Beta 5 build for developers. The roll-out started a few hours ago, and it is now known that iOS 10 is coming in September, hence the frequent beta releases.

The latest beta build comes with a lot of improvements and fixtures in areas including:

  • In-App purchases in the App Store.
  • Bluetooth iMessage.
  • iOS’ interaction with Apple TV.
  • Phone and Wallet apps.
  • Accessories.
  • iPhone 6S panicking when using its Smart Battery Case.

iOS 10 Beta 4 also comes with some tweaks in some of the functions in iOS, including:

  • Photo app doing a new scan on launch due to its AI and facial recognition data being reset.
  • Music Control center tweaked (how? Wait and see for yourself).
  • Today now includes two new view tabs: Data and Day.
  • Widgets now have darker backgrounds.
  • Lock sound changed.
  • Voicemail transcription now available on iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and iPhone SE, all with an English-speaking Siri.

Beta 5 also arrives with a new app, and it’s for kids. Swift Playgrounds is an apps with which kids can learn to code in a fun way.

However, some problems have not been fixed with the latest beta release, including:

  • FaceTime calls between iPhones running iOS 10 Beta 5 and Macs running the latest macOS beta.
  • Recently Played in For You not refreshing instantly in Apple Music.
  • Notes quitting instantly upon launch.
  • And other minor hiccups.

.If you are an Apple Developer and you are interested in iOS 10 Beta 5, you should already know where to get it by now.

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