Phone Reset Guide – Read this If You Lost your device or want to Change it

authy 2fa phone reset

Have you lost your device or just want to change or switch your Authy app to another device or smartphone, I have been there and will share how I did it. After reading this guide, you will learn the complete 7 easy steps on how to successfully perform Authy 2FA Account recovery and move the Authy app to a new device, despite the former device was not within reach. This Authy 2FA account recovery guide should work for Android and iOS devices.

My Android smartphone suddenly went blank and turned off, the phone needed to be fixed while my Authy app was installed there. After I sent it for repair I could not log in to some of my accounts on my PC as my accounts were secured by Authy’s 2FA installed on my damaged phone.

Understanding Multi-device is disabled on Authy

When I tried to log in with another device, I got an error that multi-device is disabled hence I am unable to install Authy. Well, those were the settings I activated on my previous device, this is actually the best security configuration setting to use on your Authy app, but you will have to reset everything if you lose your device. If you simply want to switch devices (assuming the phones are reachable) you have to deactivate the multi-device configuration on the first device to allow you to use your Authy account on multiple devices.

Since multi-device was enabled on my Authy account, I needed to reset my Authy account to let me install and use it on a new device. The process was quite slow and confusing at first but I figured it out so I will be showing you how exactly you can do it too.

Step-by-Step Guide to Perform Authy .com Phone Reset and 2FA Account Recovery 2023

  1. Make sure you use Chrome browser for the process
  2. Visit the RECOVER ACCESS TO AUTHY to reset your phone ==> here on this Page
  3. Enter your country and phone number and submit – Make sure you enter your number correctly or else you won’t get any message.
  4. After doing that you will get the following messages in your mail as follows:
    Mail from Authy – Account Recovery Request
    Our security team has received a request to recover the 2FA account for the number. For greater security, this process will take 24 hours and disable all Authy app installations on your account and allow you to re-install Authy again using SMS or voice. QR/2FA codes you have backed up will not be deleted. If you requested this change, click on START. If this request was a mistake, or not made by you, please ignore this email.
  5. Check for that email and START button sent to your inbox.
  6. Click on the START button
  7. You will get an SMS from Authy sent to your number:
    SMS from Authy – ALERT 1 of 4: Recovery of your 2FA account is in process. For Security, recovery takes 24 hours. Similar messages will be sent to your mailbox too.
  8. Check your mail again after 24 hours. Authy team will send you a few emails till the process is complete.

As mentioned in the SMS you received, before the recovery, 4 Alerts will be sent to you by SMS and email saying “2FA Account Recovery Complete”. After then the recovery process will be complete, then you can install the Authy app on your new device and use it.


  • Recovery requests take 24 hours to review to protect your account.
  • Any existing Authy apps will no longer work, but you will be able to install a new one.
  • This recovery process will retain all backed-up 2FA accounts. But if you had added a token to Authy, and didn’t back it up, it will be lost.

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