Open Management System Suite – A Solution for Fixed & Mobile Broadbands

With the continuous improvements of broad band technologies, At our various homes, place of work or some well developed locations, we may all own or have noticed the use Mobile Broad bands, VoIP devices (on Iphone for Example) and even some connectivity Apps, all which is needed to keep activities going smoothly in a state of technology that is in good shape.


Here I will be introducing us to Open Device Management Suite – Axiros – Lasting Advantage
The Open Management System suite is a sure platform which renders all these mentioned above as long as broadband technology is concerned, if you’re seeing this for the first time and seem like you don’t understand it, do not worry, as I will have it explained so we all can have a clear picture of how this can be of great help to us, especially for businesses that provide Internet and mobile broadband services.

For example, if you already run broadband services, you could be using this to :-

Manage PCs

Whether it’s personal or for your customers use, with the service you can enable your ISP to manage network operator, and PCs. Including WiFi encryption and open websites that can be viewed for your customer via Axess Support tab.

Router Management

It Supports full dynamic automated models, highly effective and keeps activities in control considering the fact that new forms I.Ps like VPN, VoIP, QoS, MPLS are formed everyday.

Manage Residential Edge

With the Axiros Suite for your mobile broadband, you can mange WiFi, Firewalls, and customise content filtering settings
Allow policy management for optimised bandwidth consumption for your customers
Provision Voice, Video, and data services.

Those are the services you’ll be getting from the open management suite by Axiros and there are more if you check out their webpages, I hope you’ll be giving them a try because it’s definitely a Lasting advantage.
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