Battle of the Titans: Paper Books vs eBooks

There are a lot of ways to spend your free time – from relaxing and procrastinating to going in for extreme sports. And everything seems pretty normal for different people. Let’s take, for instance, reading. It can be called an intellectual hobby. Or not?

The pros of reading

It was already said a lot about all benefits of reading. It leads, first of all, to mental stimulation. You don’t just find out new things, but also develop your thinking and analytical skills.
People who read books have richer vocabulary, but what is even more important you have wider outlook. Together with some facts you find the ability to analyze those facts and find your own point of view.
Reading strengthens your memory. It also improves focus and concentration.
Reading can also reduce stress and leads to tranquility. On the other hand, it is the best way to escape from all your problems to another one, maybe, even to find solutions to all the problems.
The more books you read the better your writing skills become. You become able to freely express your thoughts in a written form and do it without mistakes. It slowly influences your communicational skills and let you become better and interesting talker.
Needless to say that reading boosts your imagination and creativity, filling your mind with new expressive colorful images and great ideas

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What people read

If the question about why people read doesn’t have an answer (or doesn’t need an answer) finding out what people read may be pretty interesting.
The wide variety of genres, writers and directions in literature let everyone find something interesting. Even cheap literature, which seems to be completely worthless, may have its own benefits. Maybe, it is a start that will cause great interest to literature in general.
But actually when asking about what people read you will mostly hear not about genres, writers or something like that, but about paper books and eBooks. During the last decade, these old school and technologically advanced sources of reading have faced a lot of comparisons and severe battles. The reason is simple and a bit weird, we’d say: people are trying to decide what is better and what is going to remain in the future. But is there a point in this?


The first books appeared thousands of years ago. They were one of the main sources of information and entertainment. But a lot has changed, and nowadays a lot of people claim that paper books are necessary.
Of course, you may think of ecology and trees wasted for paper. But is that really the biggest problem for ecology? Instead of this, think about the feelings that holding a paper book gives you. It is the only way to realize how much work was done and how many people work on it. You feel every page under your fingers, you can put a marker or make an accurate note to save a place you like. It will never switch off just because you’ve forgotten to charge a battery. Every paper book seems to live its own life and style. And if you like reading, you also wanted to have a huge library with a lot of shelves with different books standing there.



Actually, you can put markers and notes here, too, but it is not that convenient. Nevertheless, eBooks have a lot of strong points. For example, a small gadget comfortable to hold and with minimal weight can become storage for thousands of books, magazines and whatever else you can read. You can download and open documents of a dozen of formats. It is really convenient to carry with you all the time and thanks to e-ink technology is safe for your sight. What is more, it is way much cheaper. There are a lot of free eBooks, and prices for those you need to buy are lower than for paper books. It also doesn’t require any additional storage space.

Both eBooks and classic paper books have their own pros and cons, which every time balance the scales in this opposition. In the end, it is not important where you read a text from. It is important that you do read. And if you cannot decide what is better personally for you, you can find both paper and eBooks in Hobbies – Art – Sport category on
Maybe you are going to order both an eBook and some paper books. Feel the difference yourself, or just enrich your collection. It will be great anyway.
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