Is MTN sucking Your Credit too much? Here’re The Best MTN Tariff Plans To Use Now

Best MTN Call and Data Tariff Plans [update for 2018] : Over time, things have changed, other networks with MTN Nigeria are introducing many new ways of attracting Customers, especially through Cheap Tariff Plans, free Data-Bundles, Calls, SMS, blah-blah-blah.
Despite all that, there’re still complaints.
Let’s drop the fact that, “MTN users are running to Etisalat”.
If you use MTN, you feel you’re spending too much, recharging and buying credits every time, don’t give up, THERE’S HOPE coz I’ve piled up this Post for you (Prepaid Users only), it should Help you know the Best Tariff plan that suites your needs on MTN right now.
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Best & Latest MTN Tariff Plans You Should Go For:


You’ll get Double of the price you’re recharging, i.e if you load #200,
When you use the recharge code *885* recharge pin#  , You’ll get #400
– To check the balance of the Free Extra airtime, dial*886#
This credit can be used for Calls, SMS, and Data only.

NOTE: Your extra free credit expires same day by 11:59pm so make sure you use all of it before then. THIS DOUBLE RECHARGE PROMO REMAINS VALID DURING THE PERIOD YOU WERE SEEING THIS POST.

This promo will help us save more while calling more or using more data for browsing
Now to the main post: 


1st minute of the day (MTN to Other networks):  ——–  40 kobo per second
2nd minute and above (MTN to MTN) —————– 10 kobo per second
2nd minute and above (MTN to Other Networks) ——

But if you’re gonna Call Numbers in USA, Canada,  India and China     it’s 20kobo per second
Calling UK, Germany; and South Africa numbers costs 42kobo per second.

MTN Super Saver SMS

SMS to MTN Numbers   4 Naira per SMS
SMS to other networks in Nigeria   7 Naira per SMS
SMS to international numbers   10 Naira per SMS
30 kobo per second
If you like the Tariff you can Activate it by dialing *408# or text 408 to 131

MTN PULSE ( *406# ) – Which is the BEST Updated for 2018

1st min of the day (MTN to Other Networks): ————–      40 kobo per second

2nd min and above (Pulse to Pulse):              —————         8.34 kobo per second
2nd min and above (Pulse to Other local Networks)   ——–      30 kobo per second
Happy Hour Calls (12:30am to 04:30am everyday)    ——–    FREE!  ==>> Canceled
10 MB data bundle free. (once a week)                     ———        FREE!
25Naira for 500MB data from 12am – 4am once everyday
I also learnt they got Freebies for Pulse Users every Fridays


SMS to Pulse numbers is 3 Naira per SMS

To MTN numbers costs you 5 naira per SMS
To other networks is 10 naira and
to International networks costs just 15 naira per SMS

To Activate MTN Pulse dial *406# or SMS 406 to 131
I think MTN Pulse is cool for those that like browsing on phones without making much Calls, I had used it once, but then I only enjoyed the browsing part of it, but then I had to move as the Rates was a bit not very nice., I wasn’t making much calls except to my very close relative, besides, you have to wait a whole week( 7days) before I get my 10 MB data bundle free.


And finally, MTN family and Friends, also known as F&F is for those who spend more time calling their Family, loved ones, and close friends, this tariff is rather getting old, so just incase you forgot, his is a remonder that it still exists and Still Rocks, I am even using it as at the moment I shared this post.

Call 10 Family and Friends number               at 10 kobo per second
Calls to other MTN numbers                        25 kobo per second
Midnight Calls (12:30am to 4:30pm)             FREE
Calls to other networks in Nigeria                 30 kobo per second
You get 5MB Data Bundle Free at Recharging a 100naira Weekly, Pretty cool right?
Extra Tip: 
To Add Family and Friends number Dial *560* 1* the phone number#
To Remove a number from F&F dial  *560* 2 * the phone number# 
If you like the MTN F&F Plan, To Activate Dial *407# or SMS 407 to 131.
I hope this helped you reduce cost money you used to spend on recharges. Kindly take a second, show some love by Sharing with friends
  1. Mtn is the most greedy, stingy and gdgfshhjfdhjfdhgjfd network av ever used . . .still using . . .Thanks all d same 4d ups friend.Dont know if uve got any Info on d Cheapest rate one could sign up 2 when using an Apple Iphone

  2. msly people complain on mtn even me mtn u people need to give a better score good tariff plan look at other network @list we are enjoyin them a little plis

  3. Am just using the NETWORK but am not getting anything called bonus or else from it. Etisalat is the best.

  4. As if the money spent on frequent recharge cards is not enough, we get sms ads so often it's just so annoying. Is there a way to just stop all these ads?

  5. We are yet figure out that unwanted sms Ad issue, it's really annoying, and means that our phone numbers have been sold or compromised to advertisers. It would be a pity if the Telecommunication companies are affiliated with such activitiy.

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