What are the Best TTF Custom Fonts & Font Apps For Android Smartphones

We all want our smartphones to standout in every way, we want people to say “WOW! How did you do that” whenever they see things on our devices, Using Custom fonts is one of the best steps you can take to make your Android look totally different.
Samsung phones are mostly the ones that come with the “change font” and use Customised Fonts feature by default in their settings. Fortunately, we can still do it on Non-Samsung Android devices.

Right now, there are many Android Apps in the PlayStore that can change your default font to customised fonts but I am going to show us some of the very Best of them, I personally handpicked them because they’re easy to Get and Apply….. then I’ll also recommend some of the best TTF Fonts which you can use on your Android Smartphone.


Fontster allows you to easily change the system wide fonts on your Android device within a well designed Holo UI. In order to use this app, your device must be rooted
What makes Fontster special is that it will replace all font styles used by the operating system. Unlike other font installers that only replace a few of the font styles, Fontster will change all styles resulting in a consistent look across all text. This means that practically all of the typed elements throughout your devices UI will be changed to your desired font, including the keyboard, digital clock widget, web pages etc.
It’s very simple and first on the list probably because I am currently using it, now.



2. iFONT (Expert of Fonts)

As the name implies, “Expert of Fonts”. The app is designed to install beautiful fonts on your phone. You can download and use hundreds of fonts to make your phone become lovely. It’s easy to change system font! Beautiful fonts, For every Beautiful mood!
It’s easy to change system font. It’s already Integrated with hundreds of exquisite lovely font, easily change the system font, and it’s very simple. Best Font Style Application for Android!
Hundreds of handpicked fonts that works for your phone.




RECOMMENDED FOR SYMBIAN USERS: How To Install New Fonts on your Phone Using Flipfont For Symbian OS 


Another Best Font Installer on Android! Select from hundreds of custom fonts to install in the system wide! Preview, backup, install from SD card and share your fonts.
This app is for rooted devices only, Font Installer overwrites the font files in the /system/fonts directory. Hence, to install a font you must have root access and S-OFF (S-OFF applies for HTC devices).







HiFont provides hundreds of handpicked fonts and splendid emoticon symbols for you. HiFont is designed to install Cool and stylish fonts on your phone. You can download and use hundreds of fonts to customise your phone for FREE.
It also provides tons of cool emoticon symbols and cute smiley! You can use those emoticon and smiley on any social network, SMS or email, to express yourself more vivid than simple words!

They support most phones like Samsung, XiaoMi (MIUI), Huawei, HTC, Sony (XPERIA), Motorola, LG (Google Nexus), and also MTK Androids like TECNO, INFINIX, Gionee etc.
Be sure you go through their DESCRIPTION  before you download the apps, Most of them require your Android to be rooted, you can see this post on how I rooted an Android smartphone, same method works on many other devices and may work for you too.


Since there are hundreds of TTF Fonts all over the web, picking one out the numerous Fonts can be pretty difficult for you. So Here are few of the Best Fonts you can choose from…

1. Alte Haas Grotesk
2. Aller Light
3. Diavlo
4. Equinox
5. Zapf Chancery
6. Marvel… Get more custom Fonts, download this Pack >> 65newfonts from Editweaks.zip

65newfonts from Editweaks.zip

I’ll stop here because I don’t want to leave you confused again about which App or Font to choose from. Hope you liked the App and these TTF fonts I recommended.
I am currently using the Aller Light Font, Let us know which font and font app you’re using on your Android device in the comments below!
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  1. please help

    I use ifonts app on my Huawei but it doesn't apply on bolded words on webpages and on apps like whatsApp, facebook etc unlike the follow fonts in infinix and samsung phones.

    how can I make mine express completely. thanks

    waiting for your response

  2. Hi,
    This should be an issue with the current font you're using. Try another font, or still, use HiFont.
    I used HiFont when was using Huawei

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