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Facebook is not just a social network, it also comes with Pages that lets you build a closer relationship with your audience and customers, besides this, it is also becoming a good source of traffic especially for your website, after visitors browse your site, you would want them to come back and stay connected since these people spend time on the social network, this is the essence of creating a facebook page.
On this post, I will be sharing my own fast and method of how you can go about making facebook fanpage for a website, probably, you are a blogger, or or you own some other website, go through this steps I have below to set up a fan page and get it up in your site as soon as possible:

Facebook Pages

First, Go HERE , there are other page types like:

  • Local business, place, Company, organisation, institution, Entertainment and so on, but since we are creating a Page for a website, you are to go for Brand or Product. Something like the Screenshot we have at the top-left.
  1. A List of categories will show up when you click it,  just scroll down to where you have Websites, select it
  2. Type in your Page Title, make sure you Agree to the Terms of Service, once you’ve done this, then you are through, but it doesn’t stop here does it?
  3. You can Import contacts in your E-mail or Invite friends to like your new page.
  4. Also include a brief description of the page in Edit Page Info section.
  5. Click Save and you’re set.
  6. Make sure you invite and tell friends to Like your Page afterwards, also keep posting useful quality content in the page to keep it active and interactive for the Fans.
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