Customising E-mail and Vanity URL for Facebook Groups

I had created a Doc about this for a Group I administrate just last month, this Group was actually created for my high school and the members whom most of them were my friends found the Doc very useful, so I decided to share it here on my blog for those of us that are members of one or more Groups on facebook, if you own or will create a Group soon, then you will find this useful too. I have been through decades of sites trying to learn this stuff but believe me, none will make it easier for you understand than the way I have done here. Just take the brief easy tips below and we are done. 🙂

First, we are gonna be setting up the E-mail adddress, then the Vanity URL
1.  Group’s E-mail Address
Now let’s assume you are on PC, you have created the group and added some friends to it, go to your top right corner where the Group Setting is located, click EDIT group, on that page, you will find Set up group email, There!!! YOU found it right? that’s where you create the group E-mail address, Privacy, Administrators and so on.
You and your members can use this e-mail address to update status or share your photos directly into your Group Wall. This is going to be a very useful to those who may not be active or available on facebook. all they have to do is send it to the group E-mail Address via your E-MAIL  which you used to sign up on up on facebook.

  • E.g: I used Ymail to sign up. If I want to send any thing to my Group Wall. I login to my Ymail and send my status or attached photo to “” and it displays right there on the Group Wall without me logging into facebook. Nice isn’t it?
  •   NOTE that it is strictly for members only, i.e you must be a member before you Send anything to a Group’s wall.

2.  Group’s VANITY URL (web) Address:
This is where most of us get stuck, but sincerely we are gonna work it out before the blink of an eye, as I mentioned earlier. Use the steps i will give below.
Now, Here’s the fact. THERE ARE NO OTHER STEPS!!! 🙂

YES!  Let me explain,

If you have created your Group’s E-mail address, then you automatically created the vanity URL too!
for example if the E-mail Address of a Goup is:
then the Vanity URL will be
  You are mainly going to be using it to invite people to JOIN the Group, it was much longer than that but its been shortened by the address you customised the group e-mail address with.
That’s it, simple as a ABC. Drop comments if you have questions,
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