Customising Firefox with Your Country Flags this Olympic 2012

I believe over a million people have their eyes focused on the London 2012 Olympic Games going on for the past one week as at the time of this post. Including you and I, this same people are among those who browse the internet everyday, using Mozilla Firefox, one of the most used web browser in the world..
This post should show you how to Customise Your Firefox with Your Country Flags this Olympics 2012, Mozilla Corporation had provided us with this patriotic look to help express web surfers this Olympics 2012.

 How To:

1. Launch Your Firefox
2. Open the Mozilla Homepage, or in the URL Bar, type the address below
Wait for the page to load as in the preview below
From Here, you find Customize Firefox with your nation’s flag, see it huh?
Now click it, this should take you to where you find varieties of country flags for you to customise your Firefox with. Users from my country Nigeria and that of my favourite country Great Britain can find the Flags in Page 5, Americans can get that on page 6.
 It’s our country people out there, struggling to bring home Gold medals to us, and we the fans supporting them, I thought, why not share how we can customise our Firefox browser in way to keep us in the spirit of the Olympic Season.
I currently have this add-on installed on my Firefox, and I’m loving it, you too should give it a try. Hope you’ll like the new look of your Firefox, Enjoy!
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