Double Your Earnings! How to Generate Affiliate/Deep Link on Jumia & Konga

As we may already know, affiliate program is another sweet way through which you can make money off your blog or blog posts from Products that you share or recommend to people that need them.

Using Jumia Or Konga as example, when you Go to their Affiliate Program Dashboard and Only pick and use Banners they provide there, you’ll make sales but it would end there.

To improve your earnings, there are always other Product’s pages you can promote (we explained Sales/product pages in the point No.1 of this post), you can Profit and multiply your earnings out of such products by simply Generating and using deeplink to the product page on your blog posts or website.

What is DeepLink?
Deep Links contain snippet of your Affiliate ID or Code that is used to track your sales so that when you add them to any product page you can still earn commission from them.

That’s my quick definition of deeplink which I hope anybody would understand.

Affiliate Banners are cool to use but You can actually double your earnings by using Deeplinks (Affiliate links) to various products from your blog.

It’s a simple thing to do on both Jumia and Konga Affiliate Program, I’ll show you how below, it’s easy as deeping your Tea bag into hot water.

How to Generate Affiliate / Deeplink on Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia Affiliate program recently improved their dashboard to the latest, I like it on PC, but it’s not responsive on mobile hence I can’t see my Commission on my Android device :p , Let’s go ahead anyway.

1. Get your product page ready,
(i.e page containing product/service you want recommend.
For example, this is a Product page => ).

Login to your Jumia Affiliate  panel

2. Head to the Product page and copy the URL of the page

3. On the Menu by the left, click Ad Media > after loading, click on Tools

4. There you see Deeplink. Click it, a new Tab opens,
You can add your affiliate ID in the first box or just leave it blank, it’s not compulsory.

5. Now Paste the Link of the Product page in the second box where you see “URL of landingpage:”  >> Click on CREATE CUSTOM DEEPLINK

You can now use that custom deeplink of that product anywhere on your blog posts to make sales.

How to Generate Affiliate / Deeplink on Konga Affiliate Program

Konga’s own seem somewhat easier, you have 2 option of using Konga’s Deep link
1. You simply use the snippet given to you,
2. They also have the Generate Deeplink Option

Just Login to your Konga Affiliate Dashboard here

On your Panel, You find your Unique affiliate URL, it looks like this >>

And this  /?k_id=    is the string or parameter that tracks sales that is made through your AFF-ID
Where AFF-ID     is your unique affiliate name or code

For example, I am about Promoting this Sales page =>

Hence after Deeplinking, my Affiliate link will look like =>

** Take note of the forward slash and the others that followed.
** Note that you can only use the Question mark if there’s No ? question mark in the URL of the product page already. And if you have a question mark in your product’s URL, then your affiliate string will look like this –>  &k_id
** Ensure that you make no mistake when implementing the string with your Aff ID so your sales will be tracked and commission recorded.

I had to share this because some concerned friends asked many related questions about it, I hope this answers their queries and yours too.

  1. i'm new affiliate with jumia start with my website and i read this very useful blog,thanks

  2. Thanks bro, i was checking if its cumpulsory to add my affiliate id in the first box. But since you said it's not – i will leave it blank bro. Have a nice day.W3HowTo

  3. Thanks for your explanation, I was thinking of integrating with my newly created social platform at

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