Download Chameleon Run for Android v1.0 – Free APK and Obb

You know how we roll here by bringing you some of the most exclusive games to enjoy on your smartphones, today we introduce to you another world class game, Chameleon Run.
Chameleon Run is a totally cool reflex-based mobile game developed by Noodlecake Games and Hyperbolic Magnetism, it was released late March 2016 for iOS and later arrived the Google Playstore for Android this May 2016.
Although the game is available for iOS and Android for less than 3USD, you can download the Chameleon Run with Full APK and OBB here for Free

Just like your prestigious Temple Run, the new Chameleon Run game requires your full attention. It consists of several levels which may look easy at start but prove very difficult as you progress to further levels, making you to repeat such stages often times.
What makes the game exceptionally awesome are colorful aspects where you change colors as you tap to jump over to fulfill objectives.

Similar to many arcade-focused mobile games, Chameleon Run is at its best when you’ve memorized the layout of a stage, creating a zen-like feeling of progression as you bound over colour-coded objects, vying to carve a few seconds off your last run.

The game had already garnered lots of success with huge numbers of downloads and players that are increasing daily.

Download Free Chameleon Run for Android v1.0 -APK

SUPPORT – Android 3.1 and higher
Official Google PlayStore – PAID DOWNLOAD
Chameleon Run v1.0 => FREE DOWNLOAD
Chameleon Run v1.0 MOD ==> DOWNLOAD
Only the Chameleon Run APK looks to be Available now, Download, install and Enjoy

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