The Easy Guide to Unlock Bootloader and Root HTC (One) E8

Unlocking bootloader and rooting HTC One E8 is really simple after following the steps we personally used and will show you below. Before we proceed; let’s quickly introduce us to HTC One E8.

HTC E8 is a plastic chassis version of the HTC One M8, we all know M8 is a popular flagship made of metal but E8’s body-make is the only obvious difference, a plastic chassis, so apart from body-build, HTC One E8 and M8 sports almost the same specs hence HTC One E8 also runs Android Kitkat 4.4.2 out of the box that we’ll be rooting.

To Unlock the bootloader and root the device, Here’re Requirements

1. Your HTC One E8 device running Android 4.4.2 Kitkat
2. Download and install HTC Sync Manager – It will Back up your Contacts, Gallery and Messages
3. Working USB Cable – For data transfer

4. Download SuperSU Root ( for the HTC One (E8) to your computer. Connect your smartphone to your computer via USB cable.
Copy and paste the file to your SD card, making sure the file goes to the root folder of your SD card and not to another folder.

  • Ensure to Enable USB Debugging, To do this, go to Settings >> Developer options, scroll down till you see USB debugging.
  • Also make sure you activate developer mode on the phone. Go to About Phone, scroll down to Build Number and tap it 7 times.


How To Unlock the Bootloader and Root HTC E8

Unlocking Bootloaders on any HTC device is the first step to take before eventually rooting or installing TWRP or any recovery into it.

To Unlock bootloader on HTC E8, You have two options:
i. Use the HTC Dev website, Login, pick your device and use their steps to unlock the boot loader
ii. Use Adb Command prompts.
To do this, Download this file. Unzip it and choose your C: drive when installing.

1. Now plug your HTC, it should Sync with the HTC Sync manager we downloaded Earlier. Once it says connected, minimise the software from your PC.

2. On your Windows start menu search command prompt, Or use Shortcut > Press “Windows Menu key + R.” then inside it type CMD and hit enter.

3. Your device should still be connected at this point.
Now this is where the full action (with root) takes place, type the following command prompts, hit enter on each prompt:

adb devices
adb shell

su (if needed to get a # prompt)

echo -ne “HTCU” | dd of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p2 bs=1 seek=33796
(I strongly advice you to be careful here, type exactly as I’ve written, no mistakes in spaces or letters)

(exit a second time if you need to get back to a normal > prompt)

adb reboot bootloader

If done correctly your prompt results should like mine below which starts from C:UsersEDI>adb devices

4. The last prompt will switch your device off and go to the Boot Menu, (if this doesn’t happen, switch of the HTC then Press and Hold Power button + Volume Down)
you’ll see the Bootloader mode displaying “UNLOCKED”
Use volume down button to scroll down, use Power button to choose – FASTBOOT.

Your device will switch On. Install Root Checker and Confirm by granting Access to Super SU.
Congrats you successfully Rooted your HTC One (E8).
Let us know if you face any issues.

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