Why Namecheap DNS Sucks and How to fix it for Bloggers

Wanna know why your cool Namecheap sucks? In this case I am referring to their DNS service, they messed me up, alongside Syskay (an old-school type of domain registrar), their features and security layers turned out to be nothing to write home about, they gave me terrible experience.
I’ll also tell you how How to fix it incase you run into any of their DNS errors/problems (for Bloggers who use them anyway).

EdiTweaks was down for 2 weeks, Here’s Exactly What Happened – Firstly, accept my apologies before I continue, I must confess to you that domain structures could be one of the most complicated things I had discovered recently, truly. But as each new problems come, I am learning to tackle them.
This blog was down for over 2 weeks (14 days, 336 hours), all that time used by you and other awesome visitors to come here and read our posts, this site was showing:

ERROR: site took too long to respond – ON FIREFOX

and on CHROME:

This site can’t be reached

editweaks.com’s server DNS address could not be found.

I tried everything possible to recover the website which proved null till I discovered it was a DNS Attack. 1st attack ever in my entire life, but what caused it?

See, NameCheap got no chill. I ain’t registered with them, I only was using their FreeDNS service via Nameservers from my domain registrar (Syskay – they are terrible now), after a long while I didn’t get alert Emails that Namecheap’s FreeDNS service had been cancelled and had now turned Premium.
Without my knowledge, they went ahead, did their thing, made the FreeDNS open & vulnerable, then Lo and Behold, I got attacked, malwares & bugs all over the place, the domain started to redirect to malware and adware sites.

Even Syskay, my domain registrar left me helpless, those guys at Syskay are terrible, this is 2016 yet they don’t offer a working DNS Service, if you use Syskay, I advice you pack up and Transfer your domain to a more serious Domain Registrar (with more features) as soon as possible or else they will leave you stranded like they did to me after several conversations. I may have once promoted their service few years ago, but I will disclose an excerpt of this recent experience as an update in that post.

Both Syskay and Namecheap couldn’t do anything, I was left all alone. After hours of research, by this time the domain was completely offline (zero traffic), I was trying to understand the situation about how to resolve this kind of strange issues with my domain’s and Google’s DNS, some which included Public DNS Flush and checking for DNS Propagation.

At last, I transferred the domain to a better place while waiting for transfer propagation, I still went ahead to complain at a Google Forum, my domain wasn’t their responsibility but I got quick and helpful responses from there.

It took a while for the whole servers located at different countries to sync in the propagation, and I’d say if EDITWEAKS’ IP was initially located at United States, then perhaps like the screenshot below,

it must have traveled across various countries till it finally rested at its new IP in Germany, it’s new home.

Anyway, We are back!
And if you’re an avid reader here, we want to say Big Thanks for your patience.
I successfully fixed the ish, EdiTweaks.com is Live again 🙂

  1. This is not a pleasant experience. this is why i always advice bloggers and webmasters to use a trustworthy domain registrar. I am glad you site is back up.

  2. WOW!!!

    So there is a thing called "DNS attack", I never knew bit to tell you the truth same stuff happened to my blog, the domain was registered with gigalayer but I was using cloudfare to speed up th site until it started misbehaving , I had to disconnect my cloud fare and that was when thing got out of hand.

    The blog went of offline for 4 days sha…Thanks to gigalayer guys I was able to get it working again.

  3. Well,i'm having the same problem now and I tried reaching you on facebook but I can't find you,it seems you blocked me or something.Please help me out.

  4. Hi Ruth, you will need to cancel your DNS with Namecheap since the issue seems to arise from there. Move to another free DNS, by the way I never blocked anyone on Facebook, I am currently on a break from there. 🙂

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