Etisalat Android Smartphone, Still Don’t Have your Own?

Well-well, I believe Etisalat,one of the top leading Mobile Operating network in my country Nigeria with its awesome 3G service had this particular phone roaming around ending of last year, not everyone one knew about this, though some that did get the gist, didn’t give it much attention, so the whole thing must have slipped out of mind by now, that’s what I will be sharing in this post, I will give us just a reminder of what you might be missing out from the exclusive package Etisalat had bundled for you and me, in its Android Smartphone.
According to their Website, they say it’s the Four Great Reasons to go Gaga.

The ETISALAT Gaga Andriod smartphone


  • The Smartphone runs under Andriod OS 2.2, a very cool operating system that can stand out amongst the others.
  •  It comes quite big and handy with a 2.8 inch full capacity touch screen
  •  A Camera with 3.2 Megapixels, for clear photo-snaps and video shoots, anywhere, anytime
  • FM Radio
  • Bluetooth functionality, should I even mention this?  All phones have bluetooth but not GPS Tracker, this phone has full GPS funcionalities with Satellite and Google maps so you can’t get lost anywhere in the world 😉
  • And most fun part of the smartphone, if you’re the type that wants to surf the web at Ultra Speed, this phone is for you, it’s been powered with high 3G functions.
  • Wi-FI enabled and Wi-Fi Hotspot available too, so you can share and provide connection with other devices.
  • fast internet downloading with a speed of about 7.2 Mbps, plus network accelerometer, just to see how well your internet speed is doing.
  • More so, the features that makes phones Smarter, the Gaga Android comes with Documents viewer for Word, Pdf files, and an Adobe flash player.
  • You also send, receive and read your mails on the Go, apart from all these, downloading and running various games & Apps is also done in the android smartphone.

Having said much, I still want to conclude with the Best Part of the Package, like I said earlier Etisalat had bundled the whole thing for us, so they put some juicy freebies along with the Smartphone, as you buy it, you get:

  1. 20k/sec to all networks at NO access fees
  2. 4 months free data and 
  3. You get the whole Exclusive package for  N18,999 Only!

If you want the Best Android and want to enjoy it to the fullest at a very affordable price, don’t hesitate to take this chance, the Offer is still Up for Grabs.
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