Facebook’s Founder & CEO Brings Free Internet To Ghana with New Project Called Internet.Org

The Founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has finally launched a project he created called INTERNET.ORG
The INTERNET.ORG project focuses on Connecting the world, especially countries that are yet to get easy access to the internet.
He recently added Ghana to the list of countries that will benefit from this project.
The Internet.org App is now available to Airtel Ghana subscribers, making Ghana the fifth country they’ve connected with Internet.org.
People in Ghana can now use the internet for free to access local services, search for jobs, buy and sell products, and stay connected.
He had been to other countries where he also launched the project. Like Columbia 2 weeks ago, around 14th January 2014.
Before today, only about 50% of Colombians had access to the internet. By launching the Internet.org app on the Tigo network today, Mark said, “We’re giving people free access to basic internet services for jobs, health, finance and communication. By partnering with the Colombian government, we’re also able to include e-government services for the first time, for education and Agriculture.
Colombia is the first country in Latin America where we’ve launched Internet.org , and it’s the
fourth in the world after Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya.
We hope to spread Internet.org to more countries soon and we’re excited to continue on the path of connecting the whole world.”
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