File Manager comes to Infinix Hot 2 after Minor Update

Phew! This was the sound I made after installing the update and seeing new Icons on my Infinix Hot 2 Menu.
It was around 8 or 9pm, 11th Novemeber 2015.

I got the update and installed it and viola! I found a File Manager on the Infinix Hot 2, this should be the second or third OTA update since the Android One smartphone was launched into the market in August.

File Manager comes to Infinix Hot 2File Manager comes to Infinix Hot 2

With the New File Manager you can:
Set Music files as Ringtone.
Set as notification sound
Set as alarm
You can Copy, Cut, Paste or delete files etc

File Manager comes to Infinix Hot 2

The data size of the OTA update is around 65MB, and it comes with 4 apps after you install it:

  • File Manager
  • Online Shopping
  • Lazada
  • Device Assist (From Google)

Getting the OTA On Your Infinix Hot 2 X510

Simply switch On and use WiFi or use your networks data connection to get the update (make sure you Unroot before installing the OTA).


Although we were told that updates or upgrades will be managed by Google themselves, this particular update seemed to have come from Pakistan because of the language of those 2 added apps (Online shopping& Lazada) that came with the OTA, perhaps it was their XUI developers over there who arranged it.

To me, only the File Manager and Device Assist are useful, I uninstalled the other two shopping apps.

Before the File Manager App update, I already had been using ES Explorer to handle my files but hope this update answers the queries of those that had been complaining that the device doesn’t come with File Manager (reason being that it’s Android One and most Android One phones come purely with only Google Apps and without any modifications).

Something else I noticed is if you DELETE a file using the new File manager, the deleted file won’t disappear unless you navigate out and come back to the file location then you’d notice you already deleted the File. I think that’s a Bug they will need to fix.

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