Find and Restore Hidden/Deleted Blogs on Blogger

Deletion of Blogs is a normal thing anyone on Blogger can do for several reasons, just last week I was in a forum where  a member was bitterly complaining that he couldn’t find his blog, whether that blog got Deleted or not, he didn’t understand anymore, his main point was the blog was still opening when he entered the web address in his browser yet he could not find the Blog anymore on his Dashboard, and he wanted it back.
The truth is if you had lost or Deleted your Blog, with Blogger platform, getting it back is dead easy, I came up with a few tips through which you can do it yourself.
1. Login to your Blogger Dashboard
2. You see a list of all the Blogs you have created, Scroll down to where you’ll find “Show All” see it right?
click it, you’ll get a drop down list displaying All blogs you’ve created.
3. Now you must have seen all your Deleted or lost blogs, Click Undelete this blog
Your blog will be automatically restored for you with a new page telling youYour blog was successfully restored.”
Hope you found this easy and helpful in getting back your valuable blog alive, why not take a second and hit share button to let friends know about it?  Thank You

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