Fix & Prevent Your Facebook Account From HootSuite & Sociota Spam on your Wall

At the moment some people’s Facebook accounts are getting hacked and Spammed via Hootsuite and Sociota, all without their Consent, I don’t know How, but you too may have noticed how suddenly your Wall or a Facebook friend’s Timeline becomes messed up due to too much spam, this happens fast overnight, posting Spammy Links of blog posts which the account owners are not even aware of.

We recall posting about controlling Facebook tags and How to Keep your Facebook wall clean But this case is a bit different.

It was hacked accounts with 2 of my Friends, Hootsuite was on the First, then HootSuite and Sociota was on that of my other Friend, spamming their Walls with over 20 malicious Links everyday.

How did Hootsuite and/or Sociota get access to post links on their Facebook Timeline?

Trying to find the source of How their Facebook accounts were hacked and those Spammy links came in, I asked several Questions but they still couldn’t be able to say where the issue may have sprung from.

I could only tell that the unwanted Links on their Facebook wall/Timeline were coming from HOOTSUITE and SOCIOTA.

I have fixed all of these Facebook Hack/Spam issues with Hootsuite, so just incase you experience a similar case, here’s how to Go about removing those spammy links and Keep your Facebook Accounts safe.

** LOGIN TO YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT, Facebook Web on PC precisely.

** Hover to the Right where your see your SETTINGS.

** Hover to the left Menu, click Apps.

** When your click Apps, you’ll see a List of all Apps you’ve used, granted permissions and Linked your Facebook Account with.

** There you’ll see HOOTSUITE OR SOCIOTA (depending on the one that’s been Spamming your Wall).

** Click the X button near the App to Remove it.
A pop up will ask to confirm deletion

** Make sure you tick >> DELETE ALL YOUR ACTIVITIES, including posts, photos and videos on Facebook. This may take few minutes.

With that, you Don’t have to worry about going through stress of Deleting all those Links on your Wall

Keeping your Facebook Account Safe:

To avoid these from happening again, you’re expected to change your Password and be careful about the Links you Follow especially links posted by friends you barely know.

Be also more careful with the 3rd party Apps that requests your Permission on Facebook, you’ll find some of these Apps while using your Facebook account to Sign up or Login at another website, please be sure you read and understand the Terms of using the App before granting it Permission to access your Facebook account.



Hootsuite and Sociota are merely Social Media tools for publishers, which helps people publish and manage their posts, photos and blog Feeds to different social media websites simultaneously.

Even if your Accounts may have been Hacked and used to publish Feeds from those strange blogs, then it might be the blog’s owner doing something fishy to get Traffic when those Links are posted on your FB profile or it might be you clicking a malicious link without knowing it.

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