FIX – Google Play Games issues with Syncing Games Progress & Stuck on Notification bar

Today we will be learning how to fix some “Google play game” issues, precisely the syncing of your Games Progress with Google Play Games and the issue on Android where it keeps getting Stuck in the Notification bar, it’s obviously a bug right? Let’s find out.
It’s an issue where this notification is stuck while trying to synchronise your Gaming activities or progress with your Google account across all games that are available on Google PlayStore, so yes, it’s a user experience bug.

I felt uncomfortable seeing that particular notification was stuck on my device after clearing every other notification that was displayed on my notification bar. It just stays there, trying to sync without any progress.

So, how do you get this fixed, including Games Progress with Play Games on your Android smartphone?

First, we want to troubleshoot the issues and fix them, therefore after reading this post, you should be able to:

  1. Remove the “Syncing Games Progress” from Google Play Games app that is stuck on your notification bar.
  2. Restart and help the Play Game app to continue syncing your gaming progress accurately so that data won’t be lost.

Troubleshooting and fixing the Google Play Games App issue on your device when stuck at the notification bar.

  • Go to the Google Play Games App icon where is it installed on your device, and long-press the app icon till the settings option shows up.
  • Search for cache in the app settings, and clear it.
  • Go back and relaunch the Google Play games app, the errors should be fixed now. Your Android games’ progress should also be saved and in sync too.
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