FIX – Mortal Kombat X for Android Showing Black & White | Negative Colors

Since Mortal Kombat X Mobile for Android went Viral in April 22nd on hitting the Google PlayStore, many Fans have been enjoying it.
Some downloaded directly from the Official PlayStore, many others Downloaded and Installed it Manually but there are side talks the Mortal Kombat X for Android game is Showing Black & White, Negative Colors, and No Colors.

It happened to me during my first installation of MKX on my Android device, it was perfect as the Game Starts, but during GamePlay, the colors changed to Black and White, Bad User interface! it was horrible, that’s the Screenshot below.

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Mortal Kombat X - Black & White

This issue is because Mortal Kombat X for Android was built with High Powerful Graphics for different Android GPUs and CPU.

So if you also see this black and white or Negative Colour problem, we got the Solution for you.

Here’s A Quick Fix! for Mortal Kombat X For Android Showing Black & White

1. Know the GPU Type for your Android
See this Post to know how to Detect GPU type on your Android

2. Go to this Post to Download the Mortal Kombat X for Android,
Choose the GPU type that Supports your device
There basically 4 types of Android GPU

  • Adreno
  • Mali
  • PowerVR
  • Tegra

After knowing your GPU type, you can know the Mortal Kombat X or any other Games that will Support your device.
Hope this helps to fix the colour problems for you.

  1. Mali gpu type is not support Black and white issue how fix problems My Gmail account

  2. what shuld I downloud andreno,power vr,mali or tegra? for android jallybean 4.2.2 GPU: graphics engine 1000 please help

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