How To Fix – Warning: YOURSITE.html cannot be crawled by Facebook’s Servers

Facebook Rescrape url tips and tricks with Guide to Facebook comment moderation, recrawl url and share post debugger Guide 2018 – This post will show you how to quickly fix Facebook Fetch New scrape information or data for your blog or URL objects, debugger that fixes facebook og:image and more. It works on both Blogger, WordPress or any of other kind of websites.

This is a common error experienced by those who use the Facebook Comment/Social Plugin, especially on Blogger platform, after publishing a New post and the URL of that post cannot be Understood by the API of your Facebook comment plugin. This leads to the Error Response you see:

Warning: http://www.yoursitedotcom.html cannot be crawled by Facebook’s servers.

Normally, Facebook servers are meant to:

1. Crawl your post(s)
2. Fetch the URL
3. be able to understand the URL of that post.
4. and give you raw tags they constructed from its Open Graph properties. These properties contains things like the post-link image & Snippet we see when you share the post on Facebook.

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Facebook servers crawl your new links, each time a new post is made, just Once, if they can’t understand it, you’ll get that server error, this Error is followed by RESPONSE CODE 404 which you’ll see right below.

Facebook's Servers errors

Sometimes after few hours this error repairs by itself (only if Facebook servers crawl again) but if the error is staying for too long, below is a Quick Fix I have used many times to solve it.

1. Click the Error Link

2. You’ll be taken to Facebook Developer’s page, this is where you’ll debug the error in your link.

You may have seen this page before right? Now here’s what you’re to do – Just scroll down to where you find the FETCH NEW SCRAPE INFORMATION. Click it

facebook developers


Insert your URL there and click on Debug.

This will make Facebook to crawl and Scrape your website URL for objects and return a response for you to check.

3. Wait few seconds let the page Reload…

The Response code – 404 is now fixed, You should now see – Response Code 200, which means Facebook servers had crawled your link again and fetched the right properties.
Now, reload or visit the your blog post/page, the server error is now fixed & will no longer be there.

  1. yes, it also worked on my problem, thank you so much for the tip akhirnya marquez panas juga

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