For Shoppers – Use these Black Friday Hacks To Shop and Get All You Want!

Okay, it’s 24 hours left before Black Friday officially blows up on 26th and 27th of November 2015, we believe this Black Friday 2015 (in Nigeria) is going to be tha bomb!
Online malls are ready and I believe you too is ready to grab what they have for you at the lowest prices that come only once in a Year.

Now, the aim of this post here is to get you ready, there are cool shortcuts, tricks or hacks which the smartest shoppers will use to buy goods online ( I want you to be among them), these Online malls know this tip but they have not told you, they won’t even tell you, but we will reveal them so it will:

  • Make you Shop very smartly and brilliantly,
  • It would save you time, 
  • and help you buy most of the stuffs you want on Black Friday. Nothing like RUNNING OUT OF STOCK ( I hate that message with Passion )

1. Have a Budget:

Just like you will normally do when moving out to buy groceries at the market near your street, have some amount (save some if you haven’t), this will help you not spend beyond your limit, even if you do, it won’t be a big impromptu expense.

2. Have a Shopping list and WishList:

Make a list of what you want to buy and be sure they fall into the category of the Items that will have nicest discounts on Black Friday, I have confirmed some of such items will include:

  • latest TV, 
  • mobile phones (especially Infinix, Innjoo, Samsung, iPhone ),
  • Laptops, computers and its accessories 
  • Electronics and Gaming systems (especialy Sony PlayStation 4) 
  • Fashion items, 
  • Beauty products and Care accessories,
  • Home Appliances 
  • and Kitchen appliances. 
Now add those items to your wish list in your account of the online malls so you can easily find them on Black Friday, just incase those items will get massive discounts (they do many times so far they fall into the categories we listed up there)

3. Be Prepared: 

How do you Prepare for Black Friday?
i.) Charge Everything! Your Phones, Tablets and Laptops, whatever you’ll use to Shop, ensure the batteries are full.
Get a Power Bank if need be, for back ups in case of power failure.
ii.) Get your Internet connections ready:
Have enough data, and make sure you have network coverage that is fast.

4. Come Early, Stay on the Online mall and Be Fast :

You might say “why should you stay there so early, don’t I have other things to do?”, Sure you have other things to do, and shopping that day is among them right?

Why You Should Be early Online –
Well, I am sharing this with you based on my personal experience, people don’t mind, they will come early, wait there, and grab all the deals.

Because FLASH SALES will Hold – 
Quickly, let me flash back to June 2015 during Jumia Mobile Week, after a lot of hyping, people expected 50% OFF for even iPhone 6! Come onnn! You want a company to wreck?
People expected Jumia to make shopping easy but they didn’t, they took us by surprise which got many shoppers annoyed, Jumia used a lot of Flash Sales to do 50% OFF on mid-range smartphones and few other items which the fastest shoppers still used, although it took a while but I later understood the trick.

DURING FLASH SALES, Jumia will announce a time the flash sales will start, and a Voucher which you will use to get the Discount, Note, the Stock is LIMITED, hence it’s fastest fingers first.  So you are to be online, mark the time, and be there before the Time.
Simply open another tab and choose the Item then Confirm You are buying till you reach CHECK OUT Page where you have Total amount and where to ADD VOUCHER, immediately the time CLOCKS a voucher will pop up on your Screen, Copy the Voucher Code, apply it ASAP.
That’s the system they used for Mobile Week, and it seems they may use it again.

You will need to be very FAST During Flash sales , fastest finger grabs it all.

For those Shopping on Konga, their (Black Friday known as Fall Yakata holds for 2 days being 26 and 27th November) Yakata Starts 6AM while Jumia holds only on 27th.
Kaymu Online market place will also be among in the Black Friday Sales.

HERE ARE THE BLACK FRIDAY PAGES FOR THE ONLINE MALLS, they all have Mobile Apps which you can also use. You can choose where you’ll shop from:

  • Grab Deals FOR KONGA YAKATA 

And incase you’re asking, there will be Free delivery, I think for Items worth from 10,000NGN or so.
This post may be updated as we gather more tips to use that day.

Any questions or contributions, pls tell us, and don’t forget to hit the Share Button Below.
This 26th and 27th, Black Friday is Upon us!

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