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Finding a good-looking template that would match your blog considering your niche and other related stuff can sometimes be one of the hardest thingsto do as a Blogger.
I recall early February, 2012 when I started to blog on the Blogger platform, apart from having nice posts, I was a bit Design-oriented, I saw many other Tech blogs with cool templates and felt like having an exact copy of their Design, yet I still felt a need to own a Unique template, so I set off to Premium Blogger Templates where I came across TechPost Blogger template which I used on this blog then.
This template is very different from the one at PBTemplates, I solved few problems after tweaking and adding changes to it, customizing the template to be simple and original for every Blogger to use, like the background which was initially white is now made Grey and the main body and tagged sidebars which was initially too tight  for posts and categories is now wider and can now contain more content in the posts for your readers.
More Added Features in the Template includes: 
  • Read More Feature
  • Related posts
  • Bread-Crumb Navigation Menu above Post Title
  • Large Share Buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc) below post
  • Adsense Friendly (For Those who are needing to Apply and Get Approved and get satisfying earnings from Adsense, this template has 3-Column layout, and is therefore a very friendly match)
Note: The Header Links will have to be Edited so you can put your own thing, to do this go to Design > Edit HTML
Search for the anchor text.
For example, if you need to change the header link titled Mobile, search for MOBILE in the template. You should see something like this:

<li><a href=''>MOBILE</a>

Replace them with your own and Save your template.

Check Out the DEMO HERE

> Download Here

I hope you’ll like it, but hey!!! If you wanna say Thanks? I’ll appreciate you Kindly don’t Touch the Credits area


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