GANCUBE Ultimate Review – The Apple company of Speedcubing

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In this article, we have provided an ultimate review of Gancube, the company, and its founder, so you can get to know everything about this speedcube company including Gancube’s shopping website, as well as what they sell, authenticity etc. This company was launched in 2014, as one of the companies that deal with, research development, marketing and promotion, design manufacturing of Rubik’s cube for speedcubing etc.

Mr. Jiang Ganyuan, the first NR holder of SpeedCubing in China and also known as Ganyuan Jiang the speedcubing pioneer, launched the World’s Speedcube Leader GANCUBE Inc. in 2014. The business of the corporation encompasses all aspects of cubing, including research, development, design, manufacture, marketing, and promotion. The business has a lot of speedcube-related patents and methodologies.

Gancube’s Focus on Speedcubes (Rubik’s cube)

Because the age of speedcubing is already here. As the internationally recognized speedcube brand GANCUBE, they offer items like cube robots, magnetic cubes, light-weight twisty puzzles, smart cubes, and other cutting-edge innovations. The GAN 356 X S, GAN 356 X, GAN 356 Air S M, and GAN 356 Air Pro are some of their flagship items. Among the Cube companies, GANCUBE is regarded as the “Apple lnc.” because of its unique design and potent performance.

A Brief Review of the Gancube Shop

Gancube Shop deals with innovative designs when it comes to, research development in gaming with speedcubes or Rubik’s cubes, in the shop they have an array of products such as,

  • Smart cubes,
  • Magnetic cubes,
  • Light-Weighted,
  • twisty puzzles,
  • cube robots and other products

Gancube’s products are also available on Amazon, you can go here to see them and pick from the list of different designs that are made available there.

They also have other related products, such as:

  • GAN 356 X S,
  • GAN 356 X,
  • Gancube Air – Gan 356 Air S M
  • GAN 356 Air Pro.

Due to their high-performing designs, they are recognized by leading tech companies, such as Apple.

The platform has several categories, such as pyramix, megamix and 2×2 cube. If you will like to also be part of this company or learn how to produce quality designs, you can subscribe to their advanced training. You can opt-in for either their physical or virtual training.

Here is an Updated List of the Best Gancubes 2022 /2023

  • GAN 251 M
  • Gan Pyraminx
  • GAN 11 M PRO
  • GAN Skewb
  • GAN Cube Solver Robot
  • GAN 356 M 3×3 Magnetic
  • GAN 354 M v2 3×3 Magnetic
  • Cubelelo 356 RS 3×3 Elite-M (Magnetic)

Choice Of World Players

This company is endorsed by team Gan gurus, and they produce quality designs for world players who compete and battle with Rubik’s cube.

Professional Certification

This company takes pride in its unique designs and they are certified by credible companies. This boosts the trust and credibility of this company. You can as well go to their website to check out the companies that certify Gancube for what they do.

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