Getting Back Your Hacked or Hijacked AdSense Account + Tips To Protect Your Accounts

There’s something funny about success, while you are busy struggling to achieve it, some other people are also busy, trying to see how they will bring you down successfully… whether people succeed in doing good or Bad, it’s still called Success, ironic isn’t it?

This also comes to play in the issue of hijacked or hacked Google AdSense accounts with some friends of mine (Entertainment Bloggers) who fell Victim few months back.

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Many Publishers and website Owners who use Google AdSense as their major Source of revenue online would agree with me that once a while they come across or hear these Several Issues of Hijacked or hacked Google AdSense accounts.

Two Signs that Prove your AdSense Account Has been Hacked or Hijacked

1. You are unable to Login to your Google Account, it tells you Password Changed.
2.  You have access to your Account but You NO Longer have Admin rights over your AdSense Dashboard.

It’s really a pathetic and sad situation as the Account is Lost with all your hard-earned money gone with it, so today; I’ll be showing you How You may get back your Accounts, plus Tips to Prevent Hacked or Hijacked AdSense or Google Account from Happening to you.


I have to explain this because it’s VERY IMPORTANT…

If we may know, A Google account, and AdSense account are two different things, reason is AdSense is only a Google product, like others for example – Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps, AdWords, Google Calender etc. AdSense is a Google product for publishers.

Despite Adsense is a Google product, we will need a Google account to successfully own an AdSense account or to be able to use any of Google products.

This Google Account can have any Email as its Primary Email when signing Up, but they Automatically recommend you create a Gmail address (their own product) for you to use as primary Email when you Sign up for a Google Account, this makes it all easier and Faster for you to have everything Synchronised.

If you can use other email address as your Primary mail address, this now means an AdSense account can use any 3rd Party Email as Primary Email, not necessarily Gmail; that’s that about how AdSense and Google accounts are Related and still different from each other.
Understanding this will help you since we’ll refrain back to this concept and see how it applies as you read on.

Hijacked Google & AdSense account – A Case Study of my 2 friends:

There are 2 pals I know who experienced this issue, my first pal’s Google account got hijacked, my second pal’s AdSense was hijacked, (similar but different things).

The first guy’s account got hacked, password changed, but before the Hijacker could infiltrate his AdSense, He got his account back.
The second was less lucky, after his account was hijacked, his primary email was removed from admin rights, then the thief changed Payee details to his own and received his earnings for that month, it was a terrible time for my pal, although the issue was later resolved after my pal reported.
Fortunately AdSense was kind enough to refund his earnings despite paying to the wrong person, it was good news after all and I’ll show you how they handled it.

If your Google Account was hacked/hijacked, the Hijacker will NOT have Access to your AdSense unless the Gmail of the account is the Primary email of the AdSense.
This is Why you must be careful how you use or give people your Gmail or any (primary) mail address that is linked with your AdSense account.

Getting Back Your GOOGLE or ADSENSE account

You can get back your Google or AdSense account, and prevent the trouble from repeating itself.


All you need is your FULL NAME, primary email and publisher ID of your AdSense account, you can easily find the publisher ID in the javascript of your Ad code.
Now head to this page and report your case ==> ADSENSE LOGIN RESOLUTION PAGE


If you still have access to the account but you Suspect your Google account have been hacked, compromised or tampered with, Take the steps below:

i. Change your Password, use a stronger password this time. 
ii. Activate 2-Step Verification immediately
You can do that on this page

If your account have been hijacked and you no longer have access to it, we advise you use the Forgot Password on Google Login page OR go to the ACCOUNT RECOVERY PAGE and fill the form

Hope this was helpful in recovering your account with AdSense or Google. Be Safe.

  1. You're a good researcher and a good writer.I was wondering about how to solve this issue of hijacked account because it might happen to me one day. Thanks for breaking it down in the way I understood it.

  2. Thanks… But 2 step verification is not available for Nigeria. I don't know why. I have tried it out and not working.

  3. bro..I think my case is different from these above…
    I logged in to my account is said "No active adsense is linked to this account" besides, I already applied for another adsense…would that be a problem???

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