GOKIVE! REVIEW – A Smooth Web App For Finding & Adding Your Needs, Blogs & Business

Most of us have smartphones and Tablets, we know there’s Google but not everyone makes the best out of it. People are always on the Go! People move out every day, and they look for things to get instantly at their locations.

What if I told you that there’s now a platform that solves this, where you can instantly find your needs based in your location, fast and easy? From Basic and daily things like where to eat, drink, and buy groceries, or services like hair saloon, Football viewing center, cyber cafe’s… and unlimited more.

GoKive! Is a free web based app that allows users REGISTER/FIND goods, products, places and offices. Since the web app is location based, businesses would not necessarily need a website for people to find them, they just have to join and get verified, even without verification, people who come around (Business owners) use the platform to find you, if you offer what they are searching for.

GoKive review

GoKive! It’s basically about things you search for every day, in your location, and provision for consumers and business (or anybody that has a product or service to render), and it’s at its simplest and seamless form.

USING THE PLATFORM to Find Your Needs takes Less than 60 Seconds

Follow the steps, quickly…

TURN ON YOUR INTERNET AND LOCATION, the website will prompt you to switch On your Location/GPS if you haven’t, this will help provide the best results near you.

A – Search Box: In this box you enter whatsoever you’re looking for. It also accepts multiple keywords, it can contain a list and return an efficient result of what you searched.


“I’m looking for a barbing saloon and where to get hamburgers for lunch”

“Rice, beans, okra, egg and eba”

Simply enter what you’re looking for Or business names (if you know it), Answers will be given to you based on your current GPS location.

More Examples:

“Where can I find Bread in Azikiwe Road” – This will search for Azikiwe road near you if there is any, or you extend your search range in Option B

“Mr. Biggs in Factory Road”

“DWILLS Computers”

B – Distance Range: With this option you can set the search range to extend if the default is inefficient for you (in Kilometres)

C – GPS Button: This is the button that grabs your GPS position from the GPS chip in your device on clicking it. Without it getting your position, you won’t be able to do your search. Please remember, you must be in an open area so as to provide an efficient result of your position.

D – GoKive it! Hit this button to do your search! 🙂

GoKive will fetch whatever business or Service you’re looking for as long as it exist within that environment.


First, ensure your GPS is switched On, now Visit the Add Business Page.

Now, before you register a business on GoKive, make sure you’re at the business location/building. GoKive’s add business page contains elements that tracks your location at that particular time and assumes it’s the office or business you’re about to register.
This helps people find your business or product location appropriately.

Who can Add their Stuffs and Business and Services?
It could be your Blog, Saloon, Restaurant, no matter how small or huge it is, GoKive! Is built for EVERYONE and it’s free!

And if you’re running a small/local business or roadside business and you don’t have a business name, don’t worry, we’ll generate a business name you’d be using on GoKive! A name similar to something like this:

“Shop NG-4A3AE”

This name, you can put/paste it in front of your business so as users to recognize you when they see you on GoKive! to meet your location.

A form will load up like the one below *without the red markers in our screenshot*

1. Business Name: Here, you fill in the name of your business. If you don’t have a business name, leave it. GoKive will generate a business name for you.

2. Business Description: This is where you describe (talk about) your business. Your description attracts clients when written correctly.

3. Business Category: This could be a Public Organization, School, Company, Business Centre, Small Business, Religious Organization, Hotel etc. A drop down will be provided to choose from.

4. Business Sub-Category: This option is provided for you to pick an additional category to describe your business, in case it wasn’t described properly in (4.)  e.g Category: Restaurant Sub-category: fast food

5. Business goods/products/services: The list of your business’ goods/products/services, separated by commas

6. Business address: The Address of your business

7. GPS location: This feature is essential. It helps customers locate your business location easily. Make sure your location service (Gps) is enabled. Do it from the Business location and it’s better done on mobile and/or open area for best result.

9. Show on Maps: You can toggle this feature ON and OFF to show or hide maps. The map will pinpoint to where you are at the exact moment, this is to ensure your GPS is getting where you are accurately

10. When done. Click Join Gokive!

That’s all. Simple, Fast and Free

Few More Useful Things you could do with GoKive!

  • Get more clients and customers
  • More sales
  • Register your site for traffic
  • Register business and places around you. No matter how small
  • Know the location of business around you
  • Track a business etc.

Head to GoKive! And Start adding Business or finding them for your needs now, and don’t forget to tell us what you think of GoKive in the comment box below.

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