Guide on How to Record SWF videos with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Movavi Screen Capture Studio can capture videos in all formats online so you will face no issue in using it to record a SWF video. Movavi Screen Capture Studio is designed for beginners who don’t know how to operate a complicated software. It only takes a few minutes to configure the screen recorder for recording the SWF videos. If you want to record the SWF video in full mode, you don’t have to adjust the frame manually and just need to select full screen the drop down menu.
If the video player is located at a certain area on your computer screen, you will have to make adjustment to the default size of the recording frame.

The easiest way to adjust the frame is to click the select capture button and click on the video player that you want to record. The frame will automatically resized to the exact size of the video player. You also must enable the System Audio button otherwise the movie that you record will be muted and not have sound.

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You should check your speaker volume and make sure they are turned up to the right level of volume. You will also find a volume slider to the left of the audio system. You can easily know that it is in recording frame when it shows recording on the yellow tab above the recording frame. The size and length of the screencast will also be shown on the yellow tab. When in recording mode, you will see two button including pause and stop. If you click pause, you can resume the recording later. If you click stop, it will automatically redirect you to save dialog box where you can save the screencast.

The SWF file converter allows you to save the SWF video into various video formats. There are some differences in the format that you choose to save your video in terms of output video size and video quality. The destination folder will pop up by default after you finish saving the video. You can click the Edit button if you want to make some changes to the video before saving it

You can improve the video by adding subtitles. Adding subtitles to the video allows people to watch it without having to turn on the volume. If the video have some unacceptable scenes, you can remove them with the scissor tool so that no one will see these scenes when the movie is playing. Both the video clips and soundtracks can be deleted with the scissor tool.

The cropping tool allows you to crop the video so that it has a smaller resolution. Watermarks can be added to the video with the text tool. Watermarks is a great way to let people know the video is yours. The powerful video editor also let you import other video clips and soundtrack to merge into the existing screencast. The free video editor comes with fully functioning features without any limitation.

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