Integrate and Show Facebook Audience Network Ads on WordPress & Blogger blogs [ Web/Mobile version ]

In this post, we will show you how to apply, integrate or use Facebook FAN Ads (Facebook audience network) on your Blogger and WordPress blogs or web apps. With this feature, you’ll be able to display and earn with Facebook ads on your WordPress and Blogger blogs. This stuff works on WordPress sites too, using a bit of a different method.

Facebook Audience Network (FAN) has been around for a couple of months now and there seems to be positive progress for publishers using it, especially those who receive tons of traffic to their Apps or Mobile sites.

The aim of the network is to help publishers earn money from their App and Mobile sites (blogs) they run just like we have other Publisher networks (e.g: Google AdSense, Media.NET etc), the only difference with Facebook Audience Network “at the moment” is, the Program is ONLY for Mobile Apps and mobile sites.

If you’re wondering if you can use FAN ads on a Blogger blog, the answer is, sure, YES YOU CAN. I had given it a try and I’ll show you how to Integrate it into your Blogger blogs using the steps below.

We all are aware that all Blogger’s sites mobile version is found at this URL ==> www. example . com.html?m=1 
 Or for example :

This URL, along with your device and browser details are what tells Facebook that a User is viewing your site on Mobile, hence make them display F.A.N ads.

There are only 4 simple phases you have to pass to Set it up.
1. Register for a Facebook Developer account
2. Apply with your mobile site or App for Monetisation
3. Integrate the script into your mobile site (Blog)
4. Get Approved, Go Live and start earning from it.


1. Register on FB Developers if you haven’t already
Use your Facebook profile to Register a Facebook developer account here and Add your website URL in “ADD New App.” Read more about setting up your App on this page

2. Get Started with an App 
Once you’ve created and Added App from Step 1, take note of your APP ID, we’ll be making use of that later.
Now, head go to Facebook Audience network page, click START NOW.
Select the App you created for your Website, next, we will use the app and website to Apply for FAN ads. That page will also take you through all the steps to Create Advert Placement which you’ll apply on your blog (mobile site) later.

3. Getting Approved, 
You have to integrate the codes you’re given into your website. The codes come in 2 pairs which you’ll integrate into your Blogger template.
Go to your Blogger Settings >> Template >> Edit Template HTML.
look for <head>
Just below it, Paste these lines of code (where you see APP ID, replace it with your App ID number you copied in step 2.)

<script id=’facebook-jssdk’ src=’//;version=v2.5&amp;appId=APP ID NUMBER HERE‘/>

Now hit Save.

4. Go Live 
Again, Go back to your Blogger settings >> Layout >> Add gadget >> JavaScript/HTML >> Paste the code given to you after you created ad placement in 2nd Step above.
In the ad code you’ll find something like this ===>  testmode=”false”
You can turn that to “true” so that Facebook is aware you’re trying or testing it out to Get Approved for FAN ads.

Now, Hit Save and exercise some patience, it may take days or a Week but you should Get an Alert and Mail from Facebook once you’re Approved.

Facebook Audience Network Ads for Blogger blogs

After then you can set back your FAN Ad code to testmode=”false”

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