How Influential or Powerful Are You On Social Media – Get To Know

I believe you must have gone through your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram today, it is exciting how Billions of people use Social Media everyday, every minute, every Second, for various reasons, the major reason being to Connect and Share with Old and New friends.

In fact, re-connection with old friends was the first definition of Social Networking, as days had gone by, Social Networking (now Social Media) has transcended into more purpose and grown into something Much more Huge than just Connecting with Familiar friends. People now use it for Entertainment, Sharing Fun, knowledge, Business, Marketing and so on.

These New Reasons and Essence of using Social Media seem to yield the Best results by How much influence A Social media Profile has on their Friends or fans.

So we throw up the Question:
How Influential & Powerful Are You on Social Media?

Public Speaker
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In Social Media, I noticed there’re always two kinds of people you can be, either you’re the Giver, or you’re the receiver of contents, you choose who you want to be there and get the best results out of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts etc, if you know just How Influential & Powerful YOU ARE or CAN BE on Social Media.

After reading this Post, we will be able to understand:

    1. What is Social Media Influence

    2. Tools with Metrics/Stats for measuring Your Influence on Social Media

    3. Amazing things You Can Do With the Social Media Measuring Tool.

    4. Few methods, tweaks or Life Hacks that Improves your Influence on Social Media

    WHAT IS INFLUENCE, in Social Media

    I’ll give us a Practical Example…
    When a Successful Artiste, Enterpreneur or other Personalities post on Facebook, Do you notice How many Hundreds or Thousand RESHARES, LIKES and COMMENTS Only that Post receives? That is what counts as influence, the Ability to impact and make people do things through your Social Media Posts.


    Now this is the most exciting part of this Post, where I’ll show us a Great tool you’ll use to know your Virality or influence On Social Media. This Tool is known as KLOUT .
    Klout measures your Influence and also improves your  performance by helping you find, Create and share great content.

    I had been on KLOUT since early January this Year 2015,
    After Signing up and Connecting some of my Accounts, I personally had to share it with you as I found it really useful, it picks the most relevant Viral Posts I had made on Social Media and puts them up for me to see.
    Klout will also use your Performance to Measure your Klout Score, the Higher the Score – the Better.

    Below is my performance over the last 90 days according to Klout.

    Klout Score


    Amazing Things Klout Can Do For You.

    Looking for a way to make some cash using your blog or Profile? Now, some Web Industries or Companies looking for Influential Writer Profiles, before they Hire you, they won’t ask you How many Thousand Followers you Have on Twitter or Facebook, they just ask for your KLOUT SCORE. It’s as easy as that.
    Or if you’re submitting a Proposal to write or be an Influencer you can Simply Add your Klout score to your Report, it will be recognised and appreciated.

    When you scroll up and have a look at my Connected Accounts on Klout, My Facebook scored 82%, Twitter 15% and LinkedIn 4%, this tells me that while I am doing good on Facebook, I am not doing well on Twitter & LinkedIn so I’ll have to be more regular there to make the Ratio better.
    I am yet to even connect my Instagram and FourSquare Accounts.
    It’s based on Interests, you may Enjoy FB and Twitter and stick with them, but it’s a Big Plus to be Every where possible.

    Few LifeHacks & Tweaks that Improves your Social Media Influence

    This headline should be an Entirely Fresh post on its own, I’ll keep it real Quick anyway, If you’re interested in motivating people/friends, try these few Traits of an Influencer:

    • Smile for everyone and be fun
    • Conversations cannot always be about YOU, Most or sometimes you talk useful things about others
    • Influential People do on Social media what they want to be doing in life, No faking
    • They are Direct and honest, while always being conscious of the feelings of others

    All the above should reflect in your Posts, both Texts and photos. After implementing these within a couple of weeks, your Klout score should go up meaning your Influence is going up.

    Have you checked with Klout already? You may be More Influential than I am on Social Media, How many Points did you Score, please Share with us in the comment form 🙂

    1. 62 last week. 60 today. I know exactly what I'm not doing :)And I know exactly what to do :DI've been monitoring my Klout score for months now tho. It's fun really *winks*

    2. The Kardashian Family comes to mind here especially the massive likes/comments/shares within secs after posting. Hehehehhe.. Well, the basic thing here is to influence people positively and brighten someone's day, you never know whom your fb status update might aid in their day to day activities…
      Awesome Post Sir Edi.

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