How Technology Can Help Save You Money

Most people avoid using technology because of its initial costs. After all, technology can’t exactly run without requiring purchases or upgrades in terms of hardware, software, and services like Internet access. However, what these people also frequently fail to realize is that the total initial cost of making your business technology-proof will be more than easily offset by its continuous and long-term benefits.

Email newsletters versus direct mail marketing

Sure, there are still advantages that you can undeniably enjoy with direct mail marketing, but are those advantages truly worth the expenses you incur for it at the same time? Why not cut back on your marketing expenses by taking an Internet-based approach to marketing? Instead of delivering your marketing newsletters by snail mail, why not send them via email instead? Email is not just for free but you also get greater flexibility when it comes to choosing the content that goes with your marketing newsletter. You would no longer have to consider the costs you’d incur when you opt for full-color images and text or the number of pages you end up consuming. Everything will still cost you nothing with email marketing.

Reduce costs for contests and giveaways.

When holding giveaways and contests for your customers, you do not only spend money on the prizes. You also have to spend extra on marketing. After all, there’s no point giving away prizes when no one knows about your contest in the first place. However, you can limit your marketing expenses by holding your contest and giveaway online instead. You can start promoting it on social networking sites, blogs, and micro-blogging sites like Twitter. You should also promote it through forums and by coming up with online press releases. And the greatest thing about all these is that they are completely free for you to take advantage of.

Enjoy higher profits by selling your products or services online.

When you rely on retailers and distributors to sell your products and services, it can’t be helped that you would end up with smaller profits. After all, you may have to pay them a percentage of your earnings in exchange of their services. Other times, you have to pay commission when agents help you sell your merchandise. You can skip all these, however, by directly selling your products and services through your website. More importantly, web-based stores also come with lower operating costs compared to managing a brick-and-mortar store. Websites can run 24/7 and every stage of the selling and marketing process may even be completely automated!

Say goodbye to phone expenses.

If you do frequent business with individuals living outside your state, then you can use VoIP to lower your phone expenses. With VoIP you can enjoy unlimited international calls for free!

Update your business technology today!

Don’t allow your business to remain behind its competition a day longer. Update your company’s technology right this moment. You can start by contacting Cell Phone Expertand find out what you can do to improve people’s mobile access to your company’s website. By making it easier for people to access your products and services online, expect your sales to grow by leaps and bounds as well.

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