Easybuy App Review – How To Apply For A Loan

How To Apply For A Loan On The Easybuy App — Are you looking to buy a phone now and pay later? Or if you want to pay small-small (repay in bits), Easybuy is a mobile financial service and a division of Palmcredit, which provides this type of loan service. You can purchase a mobile phone with a loan through the Easybuy program and repay it over time.

Everyone is aware of how expensive smartphones are right now. Although certain low-end phones are quite affordable, most high-end phones are often more expensive.

You may buy a high-end phone in Nigeria using the Easybuy financing program for just 30% of the cost. The remaining 70% of the loan can be paid back over three or six months.

How To Apply For A Loan On The Easybuy App

Easybuy Loan Necessities.

  • You must fulfil the requirements listed below to be eligible for an EasyBuy mobile financing loan.
  • You must be working or have a consistent monthly income source.
  • A legitimate form of identification is required. You may present your driver’s license, passport, voter card, or NIMC national identification card.
  • Also, necessary will be your Bank Verification Number (BVN) and ATM card (still valid)
  • Your 30% down payment for the smartphone you want to buy
  • Once you’ve satisfied these requirements, you should go ahead and apply for the loan with Easybuy.

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How To Get A Smartphone Loan From Easybuy

Locate An Easybuy Agent. 

Choosing an Easybuy agent is the initial step in this process. Many Nigerian phone companies are partners and affiliates of Easybuy.

As a result, Easybuy representatives are present in numerous phone shops. You can immediately recognize them because they all wear the official Easybuy uniform, which consists of blue branded T-shirts.

Provide Essential Details

To make sure you are eligible for the loan, an Easy Buy advisor will go over the conditions with you.

The agent will also ask you a few questions and gather some information, and they will record your answers.

Choose The Smartphone You Want To Purchase.

The agent collaborates closely with the workers in every mobile phone retailer associated with the Easybuy program. You will then be redirected to the Easybuy agent after choosing the desired mobile phone and accepting the pricing.

Register For An Easybuy Loan.

The following action is to register on the Easybuy website. Your information (which was earlier gathered) will be used for the loan application during these steps, which will be handled by the agent.

Moreover, a photo of you will be taken during the application process. Another representative from the Easybuy corporate office can be requested to speak with you (through a phone call).

Make A 30% Down Payment Beforehand.

You must pay at least 30% of the phone’s cost here. For instance, if the mobile phone costs 40,000, you must put down a minimum of 12,000 in the beginning.

Choose A Reasonable Repayment Period.

While requesting an Easy Purchase loan, you may choose to:

  • Repay within three months
  • Payback within six months

The interest rate varies depending on the repayment period. When making a choice, be careful to confirm.

Final Verification

This is the final stage in the process of getting an Easy Buy mobile phone loan in Nigeria.

Four of your closest friends’ and family members’ names and phone numbers will be requested. 

The following people:

(It could be a member of your family, friends, relatives, coworkers, or employer.)

  • Are to attest that you are a trustworthy individual.

If you fall behind on your repayment terms (fail to pay by the due date or after), you will be contacted.

Here’s a Suggestion: 

Let them know before you apply for the loan and ask them to recommend you.

Also, after applying for the Easybuy loan, make sure to pay on time at all costs. If you don’t, the loan company will get in touch with those 4 people and inform them of your negligence, which could be embarrassing.

If you don’t, the loan company will get in touch with those 4 people and inform them of your negligence, which could be embarrassing.

How Much Loan Is Offered By Easybuy?

You are permitted to obtain a loan between 10,000 and 50,000 as long as you comply with the requirements. This is the maximum loan amount that Easybuy will provide.

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Easybuy Loan Duration

Easybuy offers two alternative payback plans to its customers. We possess the

  • 30 days (91 days) payment duration
  • Sixty days (180 days) payment duration

Easybuy Interest Rate

The repayment term you choose in your application will affect the interest rate on your Easybuy loan. The monthly interest rate for the three months (91 days) of payments is 9%.

The monthly interest rate is 6% for the six months (180 days) of payments.

Easybuy Loan Repayment Procedure

The following methods are available for repaying your Easybuy loan:

  • With the Easybuy app
  • By way of mobile app transfer
  • Visiting a bank location and making a cash payment

How To Pay Back Loans Using the Easybuy App

Follow these instructions to pay using the official Easybuy app:

  • Launch the Easybuy app and sign in.
  • Click “Pay now” in “loan history” after opening it.
  • Enter your card information and select “Repay with Bank Card”.

Every time a user pays via the official app, they are usually advised to take a screenshot of their payback procedure. In instances of overpayment, unreflected payments, and other problems, this might be helpful.

Contact Easybuy via their customer service hotline or email if you require assistance or experience any system errors when repaying your loan.

Easybuy App Download

You can download the official Easybuy app from the Google Play Store to use Easy Buy loan services and track your payback period.

Easybuy Headquarters

Typically, Easybuy operates out of a variety of mobile phone shops around Nigeria. This implies that if you need to speak with an agent, you may just stroll into any Easybuy-affiliated phone store. Here is a list of some Nigerian Easybuy partner stores.

Visit the Easybuy headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, for efficient customer care services. It can be found at Ogunnusi Road, Number 9, Ogba, Ikeja in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Email Address And Customer Service For Easybuy

  • You may always reach Easybuy customer service with questions or complaints.
  • Phone: 018888188 (9 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday)
  • Email: support@easybuy.loans

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